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How to Stop Camo Bloons in BTD 6


How to Stop Camo Bloons in BTD 6: Bloons TD 6 is a tower defence game released in 2018 by Ninja Kiwi. The sixth installment in the Bloons Tower Defence series, it was published on iOS and Android on June 13, 2018. Here is the article about How to Stop Camo Bloons in BTD 6, if you want to know more information about  How to Stop Camo Bloons in BTD 6 please read this article. We hope this Article will help you and Informative content for you.

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How to Stop Camo Bloons in BTD6
How to Stop Camo Bloons in BTD6

How to Stop Camo Bloons in BTD 6:

So I recently discovered the D.D.T. (Dark Dirigible Titan), and every time I try to destroy it, it effortlessly gets past my defences. It resembles lead, black, M.O.A.B., pink, and camo bloons! A Monkey Intelligence Bureau appears to be the most certain technique to allow your towers to strike the D.D.T. Certain heroes, such as Gwendolin and Striker Jones, may also do damage to the D.D.T. and should be positioned in a strategic location on your battlefield to hit them as frequently as possible.

Among the major additions to the page are. The top Sniper upgrade path’s Maim MOAB and Cripple MOAB can completely stun the D.D.T. Any “hot” modification applied to a Monkey (for example, Hot Shots from the tack shooter, White Hot Spikes from the Spike trap, Hot Shot Grapeshot from the Monkey Ship, and others) Super Monkey has been upgraded with the top route (must be Plasma or higher, including Sun Avatar, Sun Temple, and True Sun God), albeit the penalty for Sun Temple and True Sun God is that neighbouring towers must be consumed as sacrifices.

How to pop purple Bloons in BTD6:

Bloons TD 6 may be somewhat perplexing, since different varieties of Bloons have distinct powers and defences. If you’re having trouble, we’ve got you covered with the strategies you may use to pop one of the most difficult colours in BTD6, purple Bloons, to win the round.

Bloons TD 6 contains many distinct varieties of Bloons and towers, each with their own special powers, making it difficult to keep track of all their effects. However, if you are aware of what you are up against, planning for each round becomes much easier. The purple Bloon is one of the most hardest to pop in BTD6, and it may be pretty challenging if you don’t plan ahead of time.

Because they are impervious to numerous sorts of attack, it is critical that you position your towers properly. Continue reading to learn what you should and should not do when confronted with purple Bloons in the game.

4th tier towers to survive BTD 6:

There are techniques for surviving DDTs that need just 4th tier towers, and some really skilled players can get away with 3rd tier towers. And you should give some attention to the towers you choose. Cripple MOAB Sniper, for example, can easily handle round 90, but it cannot take the rush on round 95 on its own. in a short map, Guardian of the Forest Druid cannot take down the round 90 DDTs alone.

But may significantly assist in round 95 by dealing considerable damage to all of the DDTS in the rush. When I’m playing a typical game of Bloons and have the option to choose my own strategy and plenty of money, I want to have at least one 5th tier by round 90 and the economics to add several more by round 100.


1. What kills Camo balloons in btd6?

Ans- Camo Bloons are dangerous, especially for inexperienced players, hence efficient Camo Bloon countermeasures must be employed. The most common countermeasure is to deploy a Ninja Monkey, however there are several more creatures that may explode Camo Bloons.

2. What is the best defense against Camo Bloons?

Ans- You may be taken off surprise by an inability to hit camo bloons in some battles. The Ninja Monkey is a unit that does not require an upgrade to see camo. This tower has a high initial damage and can see camo immediately.

3. How do you deal with camo lead bloons in btd6?

Ans- The Monkey Apprentice is perhaps the most obvious technique of popping camo leads, and it is frequently the approach first found by inexperienced players. By default, the Apprentice can pop lead bloons, and his Monkey Sense upgrade allows him to see beyond the camo lead bloon’s protection.


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