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BTD6 Dreadbloon Strategy Complete Walkthrough


BTD6 Dreadbloon Strategy: The tower defence game Bloons TD 6 was created and released by Ninja Kiwi in 2018. June 13, 2018, saw the initial release of Bloons Tower Defence 6, an iOS and Android game. Later, it was made available on Steam for Microsoft Windows in December 2018 and macOS in March 2020. Here is the article about BTD6 Dreadbloon Strategy, if you want to know more information about BTD6 Dreadbloon Strategy please read this article, we hope this article is helpful and informative for you.

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BTD6 Dreadbloon Strategy
BTD6 Dreadbloon Strategy

BTD6 Dreadbloon Strategy: 

The general plan of attack for defeating Dreadbloon. Especially Elite Dreadbloon, is to use extremely greedy farming techniques to establish a strong financial base before dealing with the Dreadbloon’s many Obstacles. Which include its high HP, potent lead popping damage, abundance of rock bloons. Potent anti-MOAB or anti-Ceramic offensive in two or more tower types. At least at the lower tiers, there are a few Excellent choices that may be made once Dreadbloon comes.

However, at later levels, one must prioritise DPS while Keeping Dreadbloon’s Advantages in mind and go all in with as much assistance as Possible. All of this must be complete before Dreadbloon grows too powerful to Control. Similar to Vortex and Bloonarius, don’t worry about trying to increase revenue or selling too soon if Dreadbloon needs more defence; instead, concentrate on building a strategy that capitalises on his vulnerabilities.

Dreadbloon’s rotating immunity:

For lower tiers, use a defence with a mix of different types of towers to get around Dreadbloon’s rotating immunity. Two excellent examples of single-target damage towers from various monkey categories are Sticky Bomb and MOAB Eliminator. Battle Dreadbloon similarly to Bloonarius, but concentrate on other forms of damage.

Sell superfluous defences to generate revenue when Dreadbloon is almost completely vanquish at every tier. Don’t sell too soon since an otherwise solid defence might still be overwhelm by Dreadbloon’s rock bloons and natural Waves. When anti-stalling rounds is executed correctly, it can prevent the round penalty that accrues 10 seconds after the final bloon spawns, Making it the optimal choice in ranked play.

A steady income flow should be maintain while preparing DPS and supports at the higher tiers. Furthermore, get ready to save up Paragons in several categories and tower pops of the individual towers that make them up. Extremely resentful True Sun God’s strong pierce and high damage allow it to deal with rock bloons Effectively.

How to Defeat Dreadbloon in BTD6:

defeating Dreadbloon in the beginning is similar to Defeating previous bosses in BTD6. Either construct marketplaces to farm, or go the bank Way. By level 26, if you use this technique, you should obtain Gold Alchemist. Continue expanding after that, and by round 34, plant the Bloon Trap. It enables you to amass a substantial amount of wealth and fortify your Defences.

Once you defeat the first boss in round forty, you may set up one more Bloon Trap and begin focusing on your setup’s DPS. Reducing defence is also necessary because it’s one of the finest methods to increase Revenue.

In order to use this method, you must overcome Dreadbloon’s second level and focus your setup on farming as much as you Can. Take into account the amount of open area you have on the battlefield when Farming. Maintaining your tower upgrades and obtaining a strong non-combatant Paragon will help you defeat Dreadbloon in stages three and four.


1. How do you beat Dreadbloon in bloons Monkey City?

Ans- Employ several kinds of towers. It is possible for the monster or its Rock Bloons to develop immune and flee if just one kind of tower is Employ to hurt it. No matter what kind of tower Dreadbloon is immune to, heroes and powers may still harm it, however the damage is Little.

Dreadbloon is impervious to sharp projectiles since it possesses the abilities of a lead Bloon when it is not cover by the stone layer. The engineer’s lead popping foam can harm Dreadbloon, but it can only pop once each foam clump. Extra damage is dealt to the stone armour by Boss Bane.

2. How can I improve my btd6?

Ans- Try experimenting with the build orders to find upgrades that you like using. Remember that placing more towers is usually preferable than heavily upgrading throughout the early to mid-game. If you want to acquire certain skills, a few Important upgrades are OK, but don’t “all in” on a small number of troops.

The rock shield of Dreadbloon is susceptible to ceramic Enhancements. Because of the advantage the rock shield has over ceramics, artillery batteries and other anti-ceramic towers can be useful for both doing damage to rock bloons and using the rock shield.

3. What’s the strongest bloon in BTD6?

Ans- TD 6 Bloons. With the most health of any M.O.A.B. Class Bloon, the BAD needs a great deal of concentrated fire to Defeat. It is the last bloon to appear on Impoppable and CHIMPS, appearing on rounds 75 of Bloons Adventure Time TD and 100 of Bloons TD 6 (99 in Alternate Bloons Rounds).

Only when it is able to inflict harm to Dreadbloon may Embrittlement impair it. Consequently, Embrittlement will not inflict its debuff if it is purchased during Dreadbloon’s lead Phase. It is also unable to get across Dreadbloon’s Primary class immunity.


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