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Best Ninja Monkey Path BTD6


Best Ninja Monkey Path btd6: Bloons TD 6 (BTD6)’s addicting tower defence action continues to attract fans. Among the several tower alternatives, the Ninja Monkey stands out as a flexible and effective option for bloon bursting.

With several upgrade pathways to select from, understanding the strengths and drawbacks of each path is critical for optimising your strategy. In this post, we’ll look at the greatest Ninja Monkey path in BTD6, as well as provide tips to help you conquer the game. For players searching for the greatest defence against Camo Bloons, the Ninja Monkey is by far one of the strongest towers players may put in the hopes of shredding through all forms of Camo Bloons.

Ninja Monkeys are highly diverse in terms of the upgrades they may inherit, with players focusing on the Ninja Monkey’s damage output, the discovery of Camo Bloons, or the placing of Bombs on a MOAB-class bloon in the hopes of it exploding and dealing extra damage to other MOAB-class bloons. A Ninja Monkey is regarded as a vital tower for players to place since it provides defence in many categories, including being highly effective against conventional bloons.

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Best Ninja Monkey Path btd6
Best Ninja Monkey Path btd6

Best Ninja Monkey Path btd6:

The Ninja Monkey’s primary attack is to toss shurikens against bloons. These stars have the ability to penetrate numerous bloons, making them useful against densely packed groupings. One of the Ninja Monkey’s most significant abilities is its ability to recognise and target Camo bloons. This makes it a necessary tower for dealing with the Camo bloon kind.

Ninja Monkeys have a pretty quick attack speed, allowing them to deliver damage to bloons on a constant basis. Each tower in BTD6 has three upgrade pathways that lead to various sets of improvements. The three pathways for the Ninja Monkey are “1-0-0”, “0-1-0”, and “0-0-1”. Each way caters to different playstyles and obstacles, however we’ll focus on the ideal approach for getting the most out of the tower.

Best Path:

The 2-0-4 upgrade path elevates the Ninja Monkey to the Grandmaster Ninja, often regarded as the greatest Ninja Monkey configuration because to its superior crowd management and damage-dealing skills. What you may anticipate from the Grandmaster Ninja is as follows This upgrade adds a second set of throwing stars to the Ninja Monkey’s offensive output, virtually doubling it.

This considerably increases its bloon bursting power. This upgrade allows you to sabotage bloons, forcing them to go backwards along the track. This is highly useful for controlling the flow of bloons and giving other towers time to deal with them. The Ninja Monkey’s ultimate power, this upgrade allows its throwing stars to blast out in all directions. Because it can cover numerous lanes at once, the tower is a good solution for dealing with huge groups of bloons.

While not part of the primary 2-0-4 route, surrounding a Grandmaster Ninja with other Ninja Monkeys provides a bonus that enhances attack speed for all Ninja Monkeys in the radius. This synergy boosts the overall efficacy of your Ninja Monkey tactic. The Grandmaster Ninja’s all-around attack coverage makes it ideal for dealing with clustered bloon assaults like MOABs (Massive Ornary Air Blimps) and BFBs (Brutal Floating Behemoths).


The Ninja Monkey’s Grandmaster Ninja route (2-0-4) appears as the most successful choice in Bloons TD 6 for those looking for a tower that excels at both crowd management and coping with a range of bloon varieties. The Grandmaster Ninja is the ideal method to learning the art of bloon popping due to its mix of double attack power, sabotage skills, and all-around throwing star coverage. Incorporate this tower into your plan and watch as it becomes increasingly important in your quest to win the game.

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