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How to Fly or Ride a Wingman 5 Times in BGMI?


In this Article you will know how you can easily fly or ride a Wingman 5 times in Classic Mode BGMI. So, let us conquer the Classic Mode and master the “Fly or Ride a Wingman” Mission in BGMI.

How to Fly or Ride a Wingman 5  Times in BGMI?

How to Fly or Ride a Wingman 5 Times in BGMI?

We are calling all BGMI players. Get ready for a mission that requires both aerial acrobatics and strategic teamwork. 

Look no farther than the “Fly or Ride a Wingman 5 times in Classic Mode” challenge. This could appear to be daunting from the start, yet with the right information and a dash of courage, you’ll be soaring through the skies and completing this mission in no time.

Fly or Ride a Wingman 5 Times in Classic Mode! What’s this Mission?

The actual mission is fairly straightforward. You want to finish a total of five actions within the Classic Mode of BGMI. These actions involve either flying or riding in a particular vehicle called the “Wingman.” 

This is a two-seater flying vehicle that allows you and a teammate to explore the vast battlegrounds from a higher place. It offers a one of a kind point of view and can be a valuable instrument for scouting foe positions, flanking them strategically, or in any event, escaping precarious situations.

The mission utilizes the expressions “Fly” and “Ride” interchangeably. Essentially, you should be in the Wingman while it’s airborne for a total of five instances. This could involve you piloting the Wingman yourself or being a passenger while your teammate takes the controls.

What can we do to Fly or Ride a Wingman 5 Times?

The Wingman doesn’t spawn randomly all through the map. You’ll have to find explicit locations marked with a Wingman symbol. 

These locations are typically high-traffic areas like military bases, hot drops, or explicitly named locations. Be prepared for a battle, as different squads could also be vying for the Wingman.

However, having a reliable teammate can significantly increase your chances of progress. Communicate successfully to conclude who will be flying and who will watch out for foes.

Keep in mind, great communication can be the distinction between an effective scouting mission and a blazing crash.

How to Fly or Ride a Wingman 5  Times in BGMI?

Fly or Ride a Wingman! BGMI

On the off chance that you are the one piloting the Wingman. Take an opportunity to become familiar with the controls. Practice maneuvering in Training Mode before venturing into a real match. The Wingman can be a piece precarious to handle, especially during intense situations.

Utilize the Wingman for an end goal in mind. Scout foe positions, distinguish potential threats to your team, or use it for an unexpected flank attack. Keep in mind, the Wingman is a valuable device, so use it carefully.

Adversary squads could have weapons capable of taking down the Wingman. Stay alert, have your teammate look out for potential threats, and avoid flying in predictable patterns to make yourselves easier targets.

Try not to simply plunge towards the ground. Aim for a flat surface or a designated landing zone. A crash landing can damage the Wingman and leave you vulnerable.


Completing this mission requires patience and a touch of karma. Try not to get discouraged in the event that it takes a couple of attempts. However, continue to practice, strategize with your team, and most importantly, have fun.  

However, these modes could offer a less serious climate to finish the “Fly or Ride a Wingman” mission. Watch out for these special modes and use them if available to easily finish the challenge more.

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