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How to Complete Mecha Pioneer & Ace Pilot Achievement in BGMI?


In this Article you will know how you can easily complete the Mecha Pioneer & Ace Pilot in BGMI. So, friends let us Conquer the Skies and the Ground and Master the Mecha Pioneer & Ace Pilot Accomplishments in BGMI.

How to Complete Mecha Pioneer & Ace Pilot Achievement in BGMI?

How to Complete Mecha Pioneer & Ace Pilot Achievement in BGMI?

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) drenches you in savage battles where system, expertise, and a digit of karma lead to victory. Past the center interactivity, BGMI offers accomplishments that test your ability and award you bragging privileges. 

Among these are the Mecha Pioneer and Ace Pilot accomplishments, both requiring authority of various parts of the game. 

This guide will furnish you with the information and methodologies to overcome the two accomplishments and showcase your aptitude on the battlefield.

Mecha Pioneer & Ace Pilot! BGMI 3.2 New Achievement

The Mecha Pioneer accomplishment means your capacity to use the strong Mechs dissipated across the battlegrounds. This is the way to open it:

What is a Mech? Mechs are huge, heavily clad vehicles that give tremendous capability and insurance. They can be major advantages whenever utilized accurately.

Finding a Mech: Find the Mech organization points on the guide, set apart with a Mech symbol. There you can gather and control a Mech.

Summoning the Mech: When you arrive at an organization point, interact with the terminal to bring in a Mech. Be patient, as there may be a short stand by time before it shows up.

Getting Inside: Once the Mech shows up, get inside and get to know its controls. Figure out how to move, point, shoot the main weapon, and utilize any unique capacities the Mech could have.

How to Complete Mecha Pioneer & Ace Pilot Achievement in BGMI?

What are the Key things to know about the Mecha Pioneer & Ace Pilot in BGMI?

  • Using the Mech Wisely: Mechs are strong yet can draw a ton of foe consideration. Abstain from becoming an obvious objective by using buildings and obstructions for cover.
  • Repositioning: Continually move to try not to be encircled. Being caught in restricted spaces or shallow water can make you helpless against foe assaults.
  • Achieving Victory: While not needed for the accomplishment, winning a coordinate with a Mech kill adds additional fulfillment. Utilize the Mech decisively to eliminate rivals and secure victory for your group.

How to Take Control of the Skies with the help of Mecha Pioneer & Ace Pilot? 

The Ace Pilot achievement demonstrates your command of piloting war vehicles. Here’s how to open it:

Finding Aircraft: Use the guidance to search for Produce Islands or Helipads, which are marked with specific symbols. These places allow you to produce helicopters and aircraft.

Learning the Controls: Once inside an airplane, become familiar with the controls, which include flying mechanics, speed increase, braking, pointing mounted weapons, and seat swapping.

Key Use: Avoid flying recklessly into hostile territory. Use the helicopter or plane for reconnaissance, scouting for positions, and flanking opponents. Navigate the instructions quickly to reach crucial spots before your competitors.

Using weaponry: While aeronautical vehicles are primarily designed for transportation and reconnaissance, they also carry mounted weaponry. Use these to eliminate opponents on the ground.

Additional Tips:

When engaging in air combat, be aware of dogfights with other flying opponents. Helicopters are more maneuverable, although aircraft have greater capability. Choose your fights wisely and impact the characteristics of your chosen vehicle.

Smooth landings may be intriguing. Practice landing flawlessly on flat surfaces or designated zones to avoid damaging the vehicle and becoming helpless.


So, by following these steps and using critical thinking, you will be well on your way to unlocking the Mecha Pioneer and Ace Pilot achievements in BGMI. Remember that practice, persistence, and a little bit of courage will turn you into a land and air warfare specialist.

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