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BTD6 Boss Event Dreadbloon, Strategy Vortex


BTD6 Boss Event: Ninja Kiwi’s Bloons TD 6 is a 2018 tower defence game that was made available for iOS and Android on June 13, 2018. It is the sixth Bloons Tower Defence game, and it makes use of 3D computer graphics. Together with up to three other players, players build defences to stop balloon-like items from reaching exits by employing clever monkeys, constructions, and traps. The “heroes” in the game level up and get stronger over time or by using in-game money.

BTD6 Boss Event Complete Guide
BTD6 Boss Event Complete Guide

BTD6 Boss Event

In the BTD6 Boss Event, bursts of potent boss balloons are introduced; to avoid them, careful tower placement is necessary. Players must adjust their strategy and tower choices since these bursts have distinctive powers and resistances. Players must be diligent in their preparation before to participating in the Boss Event, learning each boss’s advantages and disadvantages, and customising their tower location accordingly. Combinations of complementary towers can increase the likelihood of success.

The Boss Event necessitates exact timing, ability activation, and tower placement to maximise their bursts of impact. The burstiness of monster powers may take players off guard, so adaptability is key. By being adaptable and changing your tactics as you go, you can experience brief spurts of victory. The Boss Event occasionally allows for cooperative activity, as players band together to take on challenges. Shared successes and rewards can result from communication and cooperation.

Players get bursts of valuable stuff, such as in-game gold, tower upgrades, and maybe special bursts of content, for successfully completing the boss event. These benefits encourage hard work and honour achievements. The Boss Event is a recurrent difficulty that puts abilities to use creativity and adaptation to the test. Players will see spikes in their tower defence skill as they advance and improve their tactics.

The BTD6 Boss Event is a thrilling and difficult addition to the tower defence experience. To defeat waves of monsters and get the prizes, players must use their strategic thinking, tower placement, and flexibility. Players will go further in the thrilling world of Bloons TD 6 as a result of their sense of accomplishment after overcoming trials.

BTD6 Boss Event Dreadbloon

The fourth monster in Bloons Monkey City, has been redesigned from its previous incarnations as Bloonarius, Gravelord Lych, and Vortex. Its body possesses lead-like qualities and is more resistant to harm from all directions. Dreadbloon is immune to the following four categories of towers: Primary, Military, Magic, and Support. When a Dreadbloon forms or reaches a skull, it blimp-armors itself with layers of rock of various hardness, creating Dreadrock Bloons with enormous health pools and compelling towers to fight it.

A big, dusty brown blimp named Dreadbloon has a drill on its snout, along with yellow fins and stripes. On its forehead are two white glowing eyes with purple outlines, two metal jet turbines, and metal armour on its tail part. Damage affects how it looks, with higher damage levels giving it more blue flames and fins. The Boss Events map has a ring of floating boulders whirling around it, signifying the presence of Dreadbloon. Its turbines are ablaze with blue jet flame, and its eyes are constructed of concentric rings that alternate between black and purple. A golden drill, more jet engines, and grey metal with purple fortification bands are among the latter layers.

Boss Bloon Events, which need at least Rank 20 to access, include Dreadbloon. The Elite Version may be unlocked by defeating all five tiers. Dreadbloon spawns at a section of the map characterised by rocks and a dark circle. It begins its laborious trek to the map’s edge by digging its way onto it. In maps featuring numerous concurrent lanes, alternating lanes, a blimp-only lane, and unique lanes, Dreadbloon choose the first route that is open. In Balance maps, Dreadbloon features a cycle of pathways that four levels follow, with a distinct path taken by each tier.

BTD6 Boss Event Strategy Vortex

Vortex: Deadly Lord of Air is a swift, low-health enemy that has the ability to obliterate and deflect projectiles. It stuns towers across a broad area and moves backwards when its health is dangerously low. At tier 1, the Vortex’s radius is 60 units, and it grows by 5 units with each subsequent tier. Vortex doesn’t deploy any minions as Bloonarius or Lych does, instead relying on hypersonically accelerating up every one of the natural bloons and neutralising a weaker defence.

Before Vortex hits its first layer, there’s up to 40 rounds available for farming. For the Vortex Boss Bloon Event to be completely won, all tiers from Tier 1 to Tier 5 must be defeated in a single game. The game must be completed within 20 rounds of each tier’s arrival.

To defeat Vortex, especially Elite Vortex, one must employ exceptionally avaricious farming techniques to establish a strong financial base before dealing with numerous circumstances that might arise in advance of its appearance. Prioritise single-target damage, long-ranged offence, buffs, and slowdown for lower levels. Go all-in on DPS at higher tiers with as much assistance as you can, keeping in mind Vortex’s advantages.

Choose a defence for the lower levels that consists of slows and distant single-target towers that doesn’t just reliant on projectiles. Due to the tremendous speeds of Vortex combat, stall farming is not particularly beneficial. Put your attention on single-target damage, long-range attack, buffs, and slows.

Prepare DPS and supports at the highest ranks while preserving a steady money flow. Plan ahead for accumulating Paragons and the tower pops of their component towers. Super-chiseled True Sun the Vengeful Theoretically, God can function well if it is not too near to the Vortex.

How to Beat Lych in BTD6

Participants in Bloons T.D. 6 compete in the Boss Bloon competition against the hazardous and peculiar boss Gravelord Lych. This boss has an enormous amount of HP and a unique ability that allows him to drain life and tower boosts. Sen bloons are MOAB-class bloons with increased speed and health, as well as Lych-Soul, a smaller variant. To win the Lych Boss Bloon Event, players must overcome all five tiers in a single game.

In order to demolish the Elite Lych in BTD6, players must bring the avatars of Wrath Druid, M.A.D. Dartling Gunner, Paragons, and True Sun God as their main damage-doing towers. These towers are expensive and require careful financial management. Players can experiment with the Banana Farm add-ons.

Elite Lych is simple to beat because to the multiple towers at their disposal, such as Tack Shooter Enhancements and Ice Monkeys. Upgrades to the True Sun God and Paragon Towers have the potential to do huge damage to the monster, while reinforced snipers, helicopters, and planes may launch long-range attacks on him.

At the expense of speed, the M.A.D. upgrade transforms the Dartling Gunner into a devastating counter to MOABs. The third branch enhances the Dartling Gunner’s close-range cannon and allows it to fire at many targets at the same time. The enhanced mobility of the Faster Swivel is related to the faster speed with which it can spin to different angles.

In Bloons T.D. 6, the third and final Path 3 upgrade is the Avatar of Wrath Druid, which boosts an attack’s speed by 100%, range, and damage by 5% and 3%, respectively. Avatar of Wrath’s damage scaling depends on the R.B.E. count, and Heart of Thunder’s lightning bolts do the same thing but with less damage.

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