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Best Sacrifices For Sun Temple BTD6


Best Sacrifices For Sun Temple btd6: In the world of Bloons Tower Defense 6 (BTD6), the Sun Temple stands as one of the most powerful and coveted towers. This temple of immense power has the ability to harness the might of the sun itself to obliterate waves of bloons with ease.

However, the true potency of the Sun Temple lies in the sacrifices you make to fuel its incredible abilities. Sacrifices play a crucial role in enhancing the Sun Temple’s capabilities, and the choice of sacrifices can greatly influence its performance. Understanding the mechanics of the Sun Temple and the effects of different sacrifices is key to maximizing its potential. Let’s delve into the best sacrifices for the Sun Temple in BTD6. At Tier 4, you can upgrade the Super Monkey’s Path 1 in Bloons to the Sun Temple in BTD6.

It unleashes hypersonic blasts of energy with a +30% range at the temple itself, bursting 5 layers and piercing 20 with each blow. Except for the sacrificial restrictions, it acts identically to the Monkey God Temple in Bloons TD 5. In contrast to the typical layout of four separate tower types plus a single miscellaneous towers category for each of the four sacrifice categories, the Sun Temple in BTD6 takes just the three most costly kinds of sacrifices.

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Best Sacrifices For Sun Temple btd6
Best Sacrifices For Sun Temple btd6

Best Sacrifices For Sun Temple btd6:

Before we get into the ideal sacrifices, let’s take a look at how the Sun Temple works. To build a Sun Temple, you must sacrifice particular main, military, magical, and support towers. The more precious towers you sacrifice, the stronger your Sun Temple. Once you’ve completed the foundation Sun Temple, you can strengthen it by sacrificing more towers. These additional sacrifices establish the Temple’s Path, which determines its powers and capabilities. This strong wizard tower is a wonderful first sacrifice.

The Sun Temple gains significant firepower from its ability to shoot fireballs and spawn a flaming phoenix upon death. Providing a Flying Fortress allows your Sun Temple to fire massive missile barrages at bloons. The weaponry of this military tower compliments the strength of the Sun Temple. Your Sun Temple obtains the power to hurl arcane energy missiles that hunt for and destroy bloons by sacrificing an Archmage tower. This magical-powered assault works nicely with the solar powers of the Sun Temple.

Enhancing the Sun Temple’s Path:

After the initial sacrifices, you can continue to develop your Sun Temple by making further sacrifices, each of which defines a different Path. further Primary, Military, and Magic towers improve the Sun Temple’s capacity to pop bloons, do area damage, and summon strong attacks to demolish enemy waves.

With the addition of a Legend of the Night (Tier 5 Super Monkey) and the Monkeyopolis (Tier 5 Banana Farm), the Sun Temple has heavenly powers that focus on area damage and money creation. Sacrificing two additional True Sun Gods strengthens the Sun Temple even more, making it a practically invincible power against all forms of bloons.


In order to build the ideal Sun Temple in BTD6, sacrifices must be carefully considered. You may develop the Sun Temple into an awe-inspiring powerhouse capable of removing bloons with overwhelming force by providing the appropriate balance of main, military, magic, and support towers. The Sun Temple’s potential is limited only by your strategic decisions, whether you specialise in anti-bloon skills, create money, or unleash destructive energy strikes. Gather your towers, make your sacrifices, and unleash the sun’s might on the bloons!

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