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How to Beat Lych BTD6


How to Beat Lych BTD6: In Bloons Tower Defence 6, your goal is to protect your base against bloons by using adorable monkeys. To earn money for tower purchases, you will need to establish little communities with independent infrastructure. The game may appear very casual at first look.

Nevertheless, there are situations when you have to make a lot of choices regarding where to find monkeys and how much money to spend in order to beat bosses. We’ve produced a guide on defeating Lych in BTD6 to assist you with one of them.

 How to Beat Lych BTD6
How to Beat Lych BTD6


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How to Beat Lych BTD6

BTD6 is a tower defense game with unique features, including the Boss Bloon tournament where players face unique bosses like Gravelord Lych. Lych, a powerful MOAB-class bloon, uses stealth, blimp necromancy, and defensive sabotage to deplete tower buffs and life.

A duplicate named Lych-Soul dries out lives. To win the Lych Boss Bloon Event, players must destroy all five levels in a single game and eliminate Lych within 20 rounds. However, losing by using different strategies can be a challenge.

Without understanding his full potential, Gravelord Lych is a tremendously challenging boss that will be very difficult to beat. He can resurrect MOABs and restore health at the cost of your monkeys. The bloons he creates are faster and have greater health.

Growing a lot of money and fortifying your defences with True Sun God Tower and Paragon Towers can help you win against Tier 5 Lych.

You must first correctly manage your finances in order to fight Lych and other employers. You should put the majority of your money into farming and begin building your economy right now.

After that, in Tier 2, you won’t have enough money to invest in farms because more bloons will start to arrive; instead, you should purchase some monkeys to help you cope with them. Thus, at Round 50, you should construct Monkey Farms and, if you have them, use buffs for farming.

Strong DPS monkeys are essential to kill Gravelord Lych, hence financial resources are necessary for them to be successful.

To do this, you will need troops like the Alchemist, Bomb Shooter, Druid, Paragon Towers, True Sun God, and Dartling Gunner. The majority of them must to be positioned carefully and have boosts before Tier 5.

The ability of M.A.D. Dartling Gunner to attack many bloons at once and the extreme attack speed of Avatar of Wrath Druid are two of the best upgrades.

Lych Strategy BTD6

In 2023’s unpredictable environment, your arsenal is constantly evolving as you face the Lych’s puzzle.  Utilize the landscape’s hidden tunnels and strategically place towers to unleash explosions on the Lych. The battlefields are a web of unpredictability, so adapt and unleash your armament to defeat the Lych.

How to Defeat Lych BTD6
How to Defeat Lych BTD6

If you are unaware of Gravelord Lych’s abilities and skills, you will not be able to prevail even with a plenty of money and powerful monkeys.

Lych replenishes health when you sell units, therefore sell your farms ahead of time to free up space for defences and prevent the monster from healing.

Selling your farms before Tier 5 is important if you want to use the money you receive to build as many strong towers as you can in the game.

Furthermore, your monkeys nearby will lose their buffs when the monster uses your advantages against you and recovers from them. All of your battle-related and ability-based benefits will be nullified, but the Sun Temple will remain intact and keep working.

How to Defeat Lych BTD6

Gravelord Lych’s Ethereal form can present another challenge in combat. The boss will become immune to damage when their health bar reaches the Skull. He will bring back MOABs during this period which will be more potent and swift than normal.

Thankfully, they will be incapable of procreating going forward. Taking out every bloon that Lych has resurrected is necessary for him to transform back into his original form and allow you to deal damage to him.

You must complete 5 Tiers in order to defeat Gravelord Lych. You also have to defeat every Lych in 20 rounds or else you will lose.

Because of its captivating features, characters, and structures, BTD6 is a stunning and captivating tower defence game that is enjoyable to play for both its gameplay and visual appeal. Bosses like Gravelord Lych might be difficult at times, but perhaps our BTD6 guide will help you defeat him.


How do you beat Lych in Bloons?

Elite Lych’s high HP, single-target bloon waves, and buff-sapping abilities necessitate the use of greedy farming techniques to build a solid revenue foundation prior to confronting Lych’s arrival.

What heals the Lych in btd6?

Both when a tower is sold and a buff is applied, lich heals. Sell only between boss waves if you must, and stay away from alchemists and towers with buff abilities.


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