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KOF Bingo Pattern Phase 2 Release Date, Rewards, Not Refreshed Mobile Legends


KOF Bingo Pattern Not Refreshed Mobile Legends: The draw procedure for this tournament will be the same as in prior years.

It is possible to obtain both limited-time Epic skins and KOF skins with this event. However, this time around, all of the KOF skins are back, and gamers who have enough diamonds can obtain all of these premium skins.

On their official social media accounts, Mobile Legends has shared information on the recently released King of Fighters (KOF) Skin Collaboration event. The King of Fighters skin set has been one of the game’s flashiest and most adored skins since it debuted in 2019.

This is as a result of both its distinctive skill impacts and its high cost. The return of the Mobile Legends x King of Fighters Bingo Event this year has been officially announce KOF Bingo Pattern.

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KOF Bingo Pattern Not Refreshed Mobile Legends
KOF Bingo Pattern

On January 23rd, 2024, the King of Fighters x Mobile Legends Bingo Event began. It will expire on February 18, 2024. It is clear from the game that the event is a draw event. In this game, players must spend diamonds to draw either once or ten times for a skin. Every draw ensures a reward, and conducting a 10x draw ensures at least 1 brand-new Epic skin. The players receive one Bingo point for every ten draws.

King of Fighters Bingo event:

As of right now, sources have indicated that a weekend event will allow gamers to receive up to 18 spins. Like in prior years, players who pre-order and complete tasks will be able to spin 10 times or more to receive a guaranteed Leona or Epic skin.

Logging in will yield one ticket, recharging with diamonds will yield two, recharging with 100 diamonds will yield three, and recharging with 250 diamonds will yield five.

Furthermore, investing 100 Diamonds will yield 3 Tickets, while investing 225 Diamonds would yield an additional 3 Tickets. A total of 18 spins are accessible for 225 Diamonds if users also preordered the KOF Chest. Additionally, it is advise to spin two times at 1x.

With the condition that the 1x spins are played once daily to take advantage of the 50% off discount incentive, you will receive a total of 20x spins, which will ensure 2 Epic skins for the low price of 449 Diamonds.

The KOF “Leona” skin, design for the assassin hero Karina, will be guarante for the first 10x draw, and an Epic skin will be guarante for each subsequent 10x draw. It’s preferable to only sketch once every day. As a result, you can either draw once for 125 diamonds, 10 times for 1125 diamonds, or do one draw for each type. This is because daily reductions reduce the draw price by 50%.


Regarding the chores, it has not yet been officially announced whether this month’s Collab skin event will include a second-time recharge event. However, in prior years, Moonton has consistently handed out enough tickets that can be purchased for a fair price where they have offered in-game activities, such recharging some diamonds and finishing a classic game with pals.

They also had to spread the word about the game on social media. The outcome of the event this year is still uncertain. However, players should welcome this skin event because they have a genuine possibility of obtaining an Epic skin, rather than just a chance to obtain some random skins. However, players should get their cash ready and get ready for some merry spinning.

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