Claudia Tower of Fantasy-Complete Details

Claudia Tower of Fantasy: The global version of HOTTA Studio’s free-to-play MMORPG Tower of Fantasy has finally been updated. On February 15th, 2023, the updated version was added to the game’s live version.

Claudia, the embodiment of the Guren Blade weapon. Players can design and collect the newest Simulacrum that will be appearing in Tower of Fantasy. A huge number of new events have also begun in the Aida universe in addition to the new Simulacrum. With the current version 1.5 of Tower of Fantasy, the newest playable and explorable continent, “Artificial Island,” has also been made available.

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Claudia Tower of Fantasy

Claudia is a Fire elemental Simulacrum with SSR. The game lists her as a DPS type. We’ll cover Claudia’s different talents, passive abilities. Awakening features in this page and explain how each one works in actual combat. In the official patch notes for the update that went into effect on February 15, 2023. The creators released information about the Artificial Island Version, which we will also address.

Claudia Skills and Passives:

The majority of Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum characters, including Claudia, have six different categories for their basic attacks: Normal/Basic Attack, Jump Attack, Jump Hold Attack, Normal Hold Attack, Crouch Attack, and Dodge Attack. To further hone their performance and do more damage in less time, all of these strikes can be employed in combination. Additionally, they can be connected for some incredible chain combos.

As we noted earlier, Claudia’s basic attacks and combos are broken down into the following categories: Normal/Basic Attack, Jump Attack, Jump Hold Attack, Normal Hold Attack, Crouch Attack, and Dodge Attack.

Physical Resonance:

15% more physical ATK and 25% more physical resistance Active by carrying two or more weapons that provide physical damage. It is possible to use weapons in the off-hand slot with this set effect. One cannot stack the effect.

With their subsequent attack, fully charged weapons deal damage equal to 137% of their ATK. Render their target painful for 7 seconds, and deal 20% more damage.

Swing the blade while moving through enemies, dealing up to 5 targets a combined total of damage equal to 418% of ATK + 22 (attacks on the same target deliver 20% less damage).

Slash the area in front, dealing targets damage equal to 264% of ATK + 14, and suspending them at the end of the skill.

Unbridled Fury:

When switching to this weapon from another one when the weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, the wielder is free of all debuffs. They then rush to and strongly suspend a target, dealing 523.3% of ATK + 28 damage and leaving behind a Bladestorm that deals 209.6% of ATK + 11 damage to the target while being immune to grievous, freeze, burn, and electrify effects for 5 seconds.

All Simulacrums’ Awakening Traits become available when you give them their most priceless possessions. The Simulacrum receives Recollection points as payment after giving. Recollection points provide you advancements when they reach a particular number. The developments for Claudia.

Utilizing the fusion core of the same weapon makes it simple for players to improve their characters. The catch is that in order to access the fusion cores, you must first summon a copy of the weapon from the gacha recruitment banners. After collecting at least 1 copy of Claudia, players can also purchase 1 copy of the weapon from the Weapon Store.

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