Passion For Chocolate Event Tower Of Fantasy

Passion For Chocolate Event Tower Of Fantasy:New Events, Simularca, and Rewards are available because it is a new year. The exact same thing is in store for you this year at Tower of Fantasy. You may explore a new map. Two new planets, and the much-anticipated new limited-time events in the most recent update, Version 2.3 Wandering Admist Miasma. So. If you stick with this tutorial, we’ll show you how to take part in Tower of Fantasy’s limited-time Passion for Chocolate and Half-Anniversary events.

Wanderers have been patiently waiting for new events this year. There are lots of activities and awards for Wanderers during these brief events honouring Tower of Fantasy’s half-anniversary.

On February 17, 2023, access to this event will be granted. Making chocolate gifts for characters in order to win their ardour is your goal as you gather the necessary materials. The following awards are available for the claim if you have amassed the necessary amount of ardour.

Tower Of Fantasy Passion For Chocolate Guide:

Passion For Chocolate Event

Note: Because each Simulacra has a different preference, make sure you offer the right chocolate to them. Also, don’t squander any chocolate. (Or you could simply consume them yourself)

Three time-limited events related to The Half-Anniversary Party will take place in Tower of Fantasy.

This time-limited multiplayer event. You will be divided into two teams, one each of the Frost and Flame components, for this event. Therefore, your objective is to vanquish your adversaries and keep your Core Crystal from being destroyed.

Tower Of Fantasy Passion For Chocolate Event:

This momentary multi-player occasion. You will be divided into two groups, each made up of a team of Frost and Flame elements, for this event. As a result, your objectives are straightforward: eliminate your adversaries and stop the destruction of your Core Crystal.

The only way to avoid watermelons in this straightforward game is to jump and crunch.

It’s a Heavyweight Boxing match in this short-lived event. As a result, it is divided into the factions Controller and Hider. The player that controls Sweetie is the one starting the attacks despite the fact that each player’s appearance in the game is determined at random. You basically have to move around and avoid attacks if you want to be a Hider.

The benefits of taking part in the short-lived Tower of Fantasy events Frost and Flame, Fruit Barrage, and Heavy Punch are as follows.

Tower of Fantasy fans can expect a slew of new features and enhancements that will elevate the game to the next level with the release of the eagerly awaited Wandering Amidst Miasma update, which is scheduled for release on March 22.

Tower Of Fantasy Chocolate Event:

Passion For Chocolate Event Tower Of Fantasy

Players can look forward to a higher degree of immersion and excitement as they explore a brand-new Tower of Fantasy realm when the 2.3 update launches tomorrow. In light of the foregoing, we present to you a thorough summary of what the Tower of Fantasy 2.3 upgrade entails.

On February 2nd, Tower of Fantasy 2.3 will be available. As usual, from 6:00 to 9:00 (UTC+0) the game servers will be offline for maintenance. The server can return online later or sooner than anticipated, depending on the circumstances surrounding the maintenance.

To prevent any potential issues with or losses of your in-game properties, Tower of Fantasy’s developers encourage players to log off 15 minutes before to the start of the maintenance and to refrain from making purchases 5 minutes prior to the server going down.

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