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How To Beat Vortex BTD6 Complete Walkthrough 2023


In this article we are going to talk about how to beat Vortex BTD6 to know please read the full article. The immensely popular tower defence game Bloons TD 6 offers players plenty of difficult challenges to complete. One such task that players must complete is to eliminate Vortex: Deadly Master of Air, the boss. Vortex is known for his incredible speed and ability to stun nearby farms and towers, making him a very dangerous enemy. Now let’s see how to defeat Vortex in BTD6.

How To Beat Vortex BTD6 Complete Walkthrough 2023

How To Beat Vortex BTD6

In BTD6, farming is essential to defeating Vortex: Deadly Master of Air. The more cash you gather toward the start of the game, the more certain you are to defeat Vortex. The Vortex moves rapidly, so you’ll have to accordingly change your cultivating tactics. For consistent income, focus on developing multiple farms and be prepared to defend against waves of balloons as they approach.

The best towers to oppose Vortex are those with global reach, such as Marksmen and Snipers. No matter where Vortex is on the map, these towers can reach it and deal constant damage. In particular, Vortex can be effectively neutralised by the M.A.D. and Elite Defender upgrades for Dartling Gunner and Sniper Monkey, respectively.

Building snipers and dart gunners early in the fight is a priority due to their high DPS and long-range abilities. However, it is essential to remember that Vortex is capable of stopping missiles. He uses towers that use various means of attack, including lasers or explosives.

Tier-Based Ideas to Beat Vortex in BTD6

There are five stages in Vortex and they get increasingly more difficult as you progress. You will need to modify your methods to account for the different levels. Towers with single target damage and delay capabilities are your best option for lower Vortex levels.

The Sniper Monkey has the power to deal catastrophic damage to Vortex, especially when upgraded with the First Strike ability. The powerful blow of the First Strike ability can significantly reduce Vortex’s health. However, to finance this upgrade you will need to focus on efficient farming as it can be costly.

Don’t forget to build upgrades for your fields and towers. Even if the effects of the upgrades are not felt immediately, they can be very useful when fighting Vortex. As you progress through the Vortex levels, your focus will need to change. It is advisable to focus on powerful level 5 towers, models, heroes and support towers during these stages.

Try to build three powerful level 5 towers, such as The Legend of the Night, Apex Plasma Master, or Vengeful True Sun God. These towers can seriously damage Vortex and are incredibly powerful. Heroes can also be very important to your plan. Geraldo the Mystic Trader and Benjamin the Code Monkey are great heroes because they can improve your defence and increase your income.

Your farms and towers can perform better when using support towers like Advanced Intel Monkey Subs or Monkey Banks. They can respectively offer additional revenue or water-based defence.

Tips and Tricks to Beat Vortex in BTD6

In order to defeat Vortex in BTD6, bear in mind the following extra pointers and tactics:

Employ the Stun Mechanic to give your towers an increased chance of dealing damage. Vortex advances slightly each time he employs his Skull ability. By timing the strikes of your tower with the stun mechanism, you can increase your damage to the maximum.

Striking a good balance between constructing strong turrets to fend off Vortex attacks and farming to make money is essential. Prioritising farming is always important, but you should also be ready to sell and swap out towers as needed.

Try different trick combinations: Since every player has a different play style, don’t be afraid to try different trick setups to see what works best for you. While some players may find success with long-range snipers, others may choose to focus on Ninja Master Bombers.

How To Beat Vortex BTD6 Complete Walkthrough 2023


In BTD6, how can you defeat the vortex?

Focus on single-target damage, long-range attack, slows, and buffs to defeat Vortex. Once Vortex has almost vanquished itself at every rank, sell any unused defences to generate cash. Don’t sell too soon; natural waves and vortices can still move swiftly and overpower a defence that is otherwise solid.

How does BTD6’s vortex function?

A MOAB-class bloon that resides in the sky, Vortex doubles the speed of any bloons behind it by a factor of 2.5. Furthermore, Vortex will be pushed back down the track after dealing a specific amount of damage, unleashing a powerful pulse that stuns towers in the vicinity.

Which tower is most effective against Bloonarius?

The greatest tower choices for controlling Bloonarius himself are usually ones with high MOAB-class damage, tower buffs, bloon debuffs, and just spamming tower combos that deal the maximum amount of damage.

Which bloon in BTD6 is the hardest?

With an incredible RBE of 50,720 (or 100,320 if reinforced), the BAD is also the strongest non-Boss Bloon in the game. It travels at the same speed as a ZOMG but is unaffected by abilities or assaults that would typically make a ZOMG less mobile.

In BTD6, what deals the most damage?

In the game, the highest traditional damage-dealing tower is the vengeful true sun god, or VTSG for short. Therefore, its advantages over boss battles are evident, and you’ve undoubtedly seen it in action if you’ve ever seen some Bloons gameplay.


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