Drive a Vehicle Into a Chrome Vortex and Fly Around It for 10 Seconds Fortnite Quest

Drive a Vehicle Into a Chrome Vortex and Fly Around It for 10 Seconds: Players in Fortnite are required to maneuver a vehicle into a Chrome Vortex for reasons that are currently unknown. Even if it’s not the oddest challenge they’ve ever given out, this one definitely makes the “strange list”.

In addition, during the last step, players must spend 10 seconds flying around the Chrome Vortex. 20,000 experience points will be awarded to those who succeed in finishing it.

Finding a car that’s close to a Chrome Vortex is the first requirement of the challenge. This is the optimal place to land, given that a Chrome Vortex always spawns close to Herald’s Sanctum.

Drive a Vehicle Into a Chrome Vortex and Fly Around It for 10 Seconds
Drive a Vehicle Into a Chrome Vortex and Fly Around It for 10 Seconds

The Last Legs (the broken Foundation monument) is a good place for players to land on the beachhead. The Rocket League vehicle Octane should be visible, parked close to a tent. There will always be one here because they have set spawn points.

You should keep in mind that Fort Jonesy has a car if there are too many enemies on the beachhead. It can be utilised by players in place of the Octane for the challenge.

The next action after landing is to safeguard the area. To maximize their shields, players should assemble their gear as quickly as feasible. Despite the fact that the challenge primarily concerns automobiles, looting will be crucial.

Drive a Vehicle in The Vortex:

The next stage is to get in the car, start the motor, and drive away after the beachhead or Fort Jonesy has been secured and enough booty has been acquired.

Following the beachhead towards Herald’s Sanctum is the quickest route to the Chrome Vortex. Players will have to make a sharp left and potentially navigate some rough terrain once they can see the swirling mass of Chrome. It shouldn’t be difficult to get to the Chrome Vortex with a little bit of cautious manoeuvring.

Drive into and through the Chrome Vortex at top speed. Players will nearly completely lose control of their vehicle once it is lifted off the ground. However, there’s no need to panic because Chrome will have already eaten it by now.

With more HP, the vehicle will be more difficult to destroy. The challenge will end after 10 seconds of flying around.

The final stage is to exit the Chrome Vortex and return to the ground after the prompt shows that the challenge has been accomplished.

Players can continue the game and attempt to achieve a victory royale after safely landing. To avoid colliding with foes on the ground, try to land far from the Chrome Vortex.

Fly Around It for 10 Seconds:

Grim Gables was the most popular location in Fortnite a few weeks ago. For the Halloween event, Epic Games debuted the Inquisitor here as a new Mythic boss. At the time, it took skill to survive in the area known as Grim Gables, but that’s no longer the case. Despite having excellent loot, this location hasn’t gained much popularity since the Fortnitemares 2022 event ended.

You only need to select any emote from your locker by pressing the emote button to finish this task. By default, you can activate the emote wheel by pressing the ‘B’ key on the keyboard or the down key on the D-pad.

The task will be deemed finished as soon as you begin emoting, and you will receive 20,000 XP.

The greatest approach to achieving this is to display your emotions on the home’s roof. Even if there are adversaries close by, they cannot stop you from finishing this task. Additionally, you can open a few chests on the roof, which will provide you with an edge due to the high ground and a head start on loot.

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