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Wildlife Tales Monopoly Go Rewards List


Wildlife Tales Monopoly Go Rewards List: The following a article Wildlife Tales Monopoly Go Rewards. To Learn more a article see in Official Panda.

Wildlife Tales Monopoly Go Rewards List
Wildlife Tales Monopoly Go Rewards List

Players have been led on an amazing adventure through the animal kingdom by the enthralling world of Wildlife Tales Monopoly Go, which combines the thrill of Monopoly with the marvels of the wild. Players perform tasks while navigating the game board, collecting iconic animal tokens, and working against the time.

In this article, we delve into the thrilling world of Wildlife Tales Monopoly Go and unveil the exciting rewards players can earn as they embark on this unique adventure.

Wildlife Tales Monopoly Go Rewards List

The second album’s rewards are not yet know, but they are expected to announce soon. To earn rewards in the Wildlife Tales event, collect stickers from sticker packs, which can purchase in the shop or earned from events. Complete challenges and milestones to earn stickers, which can range from simple tasks to more challenging ones. Complete milestones to progress through the event, as each milestone has its own reward. Trade stickers with friends if you’re missing a sticker for an album. As there are numerous Facebook groups dedicate to trading stickers in Monopoly GO. The Wildlife Tales event offers a fun and unique way to earn rewards. Making it a great addition to any Monopoly GO fan’s collection.

Wildlife Tales Monopoly Go Rewards List

  1.  Green Pack, 30 Hats Need
  2. 20 Dice, 40 Hats Need
  3. 1.23 Million, 45 Hats Need
  4. 80 Dice 175 Hats Need
  5. ERROR!  50 Hats Need
  6. Green Pack  55 Hats Need
  7. 2.85 Million 65 Hats Need
  8. 185 Dice 400 Hats Need
  9. 3.26 Million  70 Hats Need
  10. Green Pack  90 Hats Need
  11. 4.07 Million  100 Hats Need
  12. 425 Dice  800 Hats Need
  13. 15 Minute Rent Frenzy 125 Hats Need
  14. Green Pack  150 Hats Need
  15. Money  175 Hats Need
  16. 680 Dice 1.2K Hats Need
  17. Green Pack 175 Hats Need
  18. Minute 180 Hats Need
  19. Money 200 Hats Need
  20. 1.1K Dice 2K Hats Need
  21. Green Pack 220 Hats Need
  22. 10 Minute 375 Hats Need
  23. 150 Dice 300 Hats Need
  24. Money 1.5K Hats Need
  25. 185 Dice 400 Hats Need
  26. Blue Pack 650 Hats Need
  27. 5 Minute 800 Hats Need
  28. 1.8K Dice 4K Hats Need
  29. Money 1K Hats Need
  30. Blue Pack 1.5K Hats Need
  31. Money 1.7K Hats Need
  32. 3.2K Dice 8K Hats Need
  33. 20 Minute 2K Hats Need
  34. Money  2.2K Hats Need
  35. Pink Pack 2.4K Hats Need
  36. 750 Dice 2.8K Hats Need
  37. Money 7K Hats Need
  38. 800 Dice 3K Hats Need
  39. Pink Pack 4K Hats Need
  40. Money 5K Hats Need
  41. 7.5K Dice 17K Hats Need

How to Complete Wildlife Tales Monopoly Go

You may purchase sticker packs from the shop, which include a random mix of stickers, to earn stickers for the Wildlife Tales event. To earn stickers, complete tasks like rolling dice or playing games. To advance through the event, complete milestones. Each milestone offers a prize. Play with pals to gain additional stickers after accomplishing tasks and milestones, or trade stickers with friends through Facebook groups. To receive a free sticker pack for logging in each day, which is a terrific way to begin collecting stickers, go here.

Keep your attention on finishing the milestones since doing so will win you stickers swiftly. When you reach a milestone, you will receive a gift for that achievement as well as several stickers. Do not be reluctant to swap stickers with your pals if you are lacking one for an album. Numerous Facebook groups exist just for swapping stickers in Monopoly GO. Event board game: The Wildlife Tales event has a specific event board accessible. There are several unique tiles on this board that might help you accumulate extra stickers.

The Wildlife Tales Milestones Event consists of a number of goals and assignments that are meant to test knowledge and creativity. These achievements promote in-game exploration, participation, and advancement. The Milestones page allows users to access a list of objectives, including milestones for developing animal habitat, collecting tokens, and finishing quests. Players can lengthen their playtime and accomplish several goals by planning their activities and engaging in tasks that are related to the event. Mutual success might result through teamwork and experience exchange with other players.

Explosions of accomplishment accompany each triumph when milestones are reached, increasing the entire game experience. Players receive tokens, upgrades to wildlife habitats, rare products, and other benefits after reaching milestones.

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