Damage Opponents with Ranged Weapons While Riding Wildlife Fortnite Quest

Damage Opponents with Ranged Weapons While Riding Wildlife: Damage Opponents with Ranged Weapons While Riding Wildlife (0/200): In Chapter 2 of Season 6, Fortnite first featured the ability to tame wildlife. The fundamental goal of this concept hasn’t changed, even though its usefulness and simplicity have.

Tamed wildlife can be used by players as companions to combat adversaries and as a means of transportation throughout the world. Players can just leap off and let their mount do the damage-dealing while engaged in combat, which is beneficial.

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Epic Games wants players to damage opponents with ranged weapons while riding Wildlife because of how effective horses have grown. The reward for finishing this mission is 20,000 XP.

Search Chrome Chests at Flutter Barn or Shiny Sound
Damage Opponents with Ranged Weapons While Riding Wildlife

How to hurt opponents in Fortnite while riding wildlife, including step-by-step instructions:

Acquire suitable weapons, ammo, and food for the Wildlife:

Finding the right weapons and ammunition for them is the first step towards achieving this task. It is advisable to pick guns with large magazines and quick firing rates because players will be moving while firing.

Having said that, the Cobra DMR and the EvoChrome Assault Rifle ought to be ideal for this challenge. While the other has strong long-range capability, one weapon does fair close-to-midrange damage. Finding ammunition is also essential in addition to these weapons.

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After gathering weapons and ammunition, the following phase is to obtain food for the wildlife that will eventually be domesticated. Wolf trainers will need to find meat, and fans of the wild boar will need to hunt for fruits and vegetables. It’s time to move on to the next stage of the challenge if a good number of the necessary food items have been located.

 Look for Wildlife to tame:

It won’t take long to find wildlife on the island. However, Fort Jonesy is the most secure location to tame them. With little to no combat, players can land at this place and equip themselves. If someone feels that the place won’t meet their needs for looting, they can practically land anywhere on the map and discover wildlife nearby.

The next step after seeing a wolf or boar is to tame them. Players simply need to hop on them to finish the taming procedure. As an alternative, food can be used to stop them from migrating, which greatly simplifies the operation. Once finished, the tamed Wildlife will continue to follow the player even if they get off their steed.

Seek out opponents to deal damage:

The last part of the challenge involves players to damage opponents while riding Wildlife after taming their selected wildlife. There are two ways to understand this because the challenge is ambiguous about what “riding” means.

One could imply that all players need to do is mount Wildlife, fire their weapons, and harm their opponents. Another possibility is that they must move around and attack enemies while riding tamed wildlife. Either way, it shouldn’t be too challenging to finish given an AR or DMR will probably be utilised for the task.


On that note, it is advisable to employ Chrome Splash before engaging enemies. The domesticated Wildlife will have greater HP as a result, and it will be able to regain hit points after getting hurt. To finish this challenge and get XP, find opponents and deal 200 damage to them.

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