Hunt Wildlife Fortnite Season 7 Week 12 Quest

Hunt wildlife Fortnite in season 7 Week 12: Currently, the ongoing season in Fortnite is season 7 and the ongoing week is week 12. And in week 12 there are kinds of which a player must try to complete. And the hunt wildlife Fortnite season 7 week 12 quest everything about it. Would get cover in with a piece of detailed information.

Here we would provide you the best areas to look out for the hunt wildlife Fortnite in season 7. And complete your quest and receive all the possible rewards.

Fortnite was out by the epic games. And this game is much popular and has a huge player base for their game.

hunt wildlife fortnite season 7 week 12

Areas to Hunt Wildlife

To complete the hunt wildlife quest in Fortnite season 7 you could move out to the fields east of the pleasant park. Here you could very easily find the chickens and boars and complete the challenge with a weapon you get.

It is said that this area has more people and so it is quite a populace area. So if you want to complete this challenge in a very less populated area. Then you find information in the below paragraphs.

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hunt wildlife fortnite season 7

Quiet Areas to Hunt Wildlife

The area which is very less dense by the people in the east of defiant dish. And this location can be found in the east of weeping woods. Here you would find bigger wildlife animals than the pleasant park. Here you could find wolves and defeating them you could complete this hunt for wildlife Fortnite’s in season 7.

If by visiting both of these places pleasant park and weeping woods. Even if you could not find any wildlife creatures to complete your challenge then do not worry. As we would provide you more areas. In which you would easily find the wildlife creatures and complete hunt wildlife in season 7.

The easiest area to find the wildlife creatures and complete hunt wildlife in season 7 you must move out to weeping woods.

In weeping woods, you must go to the perimeter of the weeping woods. You could also activate the visual sound effects. which can help you and give the direction of and wildlife creature nearby.

While the weeping woods is a very quiet area and there are many possibilities to find the wildlife creature. And you can complete your hunt wildlife quest in season 7.

All these areas we provide to you in the article are very accurate and with the help of these. You could complete the hunt wildlife Fortnite in the season 7 week 12 challenge. By completing this quest you could receive your possible rewards.


In this article, we have covered a piece of very detailed information. About how to hunt wildlife Fortnite’s in season 7 and complete the week 12 quest. And about very detailed information on which areas are best and suitable for you to complete the hunt wildlife Fortnite in season 7m quest of week 12.

We hope you may like this article. We believe that this information would be very helpful and informative for you to complete the hunt for wildlife in Fortnite season 7.

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