Eliminate an opponent while under the effects of Frozen or Spicy Ice Cream Cone

Eliminate an opponent while under the effects of Frozen or Spicy Ice Cream Cone: The Fortnite Summer Escape Quests have been encrypted, and the community will be overjoyed to learn that there are over 35 of them to accomplish.

They will be introduced to the game over a 10-day period. The first batch should be available within the next several hours. After completing each of the Weekly Challenges, you will be rewarded with 30,000 experience points.

This is an excellent opportunity for individuals who have yet to rank up and attain a higher Seasonal Level. Completing these Fortnite Summer Escape Quests will award you with free cosmetics in addition to XP. There are a total of ten that may be obtained by completing all of the Challenges.

That being stated, below is the full list of Challenges. Ice cream cones can be discovered in floor treasure or boxes, although they are far more likely to be found in coolers and ice machines. This implies that ice cream cones are more likely to be found around petrol stations, campgrounds, and regions near major bodies of water.

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Eliminate an opponent while under the effects of Frozen or Spicy Ice Cream Cone
Eliminate an opponent while under the effects of Frozen or Spicy Ice Cream Cone

We propose landing at the petrol station by the bridge and river southeast of Rumble Ruins in the current Chapter 4, Season 3. If an ice machine does not spawn here, walk into the caravan park opposite and look for some coolers there. Then, proceed east and utilise the neighbouring ziplines to look for ice cream as floor loot or in probable cooler spawns at two campsites on the cliffs.

All Fortnite Summer Escape Challenges:

Don’t forget to enjoy your ice cream cone once you’ve discovered it! Simply equip the ice cream like a weapon, then hit the fire / use button to devour the ice cream and acquire its particular benefit. We haven’t encountered Lil-Whip’s special serve yet, although it’s normally available from the character Lil-Whip himself. If you spot him by an ice cream truck, approach him and he’ll start flinging ice cream at you if you get close enough.

flinging ice cream:

If you want to learn more about Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, check out our sections on hidden tasks, getting XP quickly, character placements, and the best weaponry. Although there are 35 Challenges to accomplish, the most are fairly simple and may be finish in a few matches at most. While some are combat-orient, others are more straightforward and inconsequential in nature. Here is the entire list:

  • Damage Wildlife (50)
  • Catch Fish in a single match (3)
  • Outlast players (200)
  • Pet tamed wolves or boars in different matches (2)
  • Reveal opponents with the Flare Gun (7)
  • Eliminate opponents (7)
  • Destroy trees (10)
  • Use a launchpad at Sunswoon Lagoon (1)
  • Travel distance while gliding (100)
  • Damage opponents while sliding or crouching (200)
  • Destroy objects while driving a vehicle (40)
  • Gain shields (200)
  • Collect an apple, banana, and coconut (3)
  • Report back to Purradise Meowscles (1)
  • Mantle within 30s of busting through a door (1)
  • Damage opponents from above (200)
  • Swim within 5s after bouncing on an umbrella (1)
  • Slide distance at Sunswoon Lagoon (50)
  • Damage opponents with explosive weapons (150)
  • Damage opponents within 45 seconds after swimming (100)
  • Swim distance at Sunswoon Lagoon (75)
  • Eat Ice Cream Cones (5)
  • Break slap barrels or slurp barrels (10)
  • Eliminate an opponent while under the effects of Frozen or Spicy Ice Cream Cone (1)
  • Restore health (200)
  • Search chests (7)
  • Ride wildlife to Sunswoon Lagoon (1)
  • Light a campfire (1)
  • Emote by a lit campfire (1)
  • Fly 100 meters in the air in a vehicle (100)
  • Destroy structures (30)
  • Collect Fireflies (4)
  • Light campfires (3)
  • Sprint while under the effects of Slap (200)
  • Collect rare or better weapons (3)


According to leakers/data miners, you may receive a total of ten freebies during the Fortnite Summer Escape event. What’s more, one of the freebies, a Back Bling, was design by renown artist D3NNI_yt. That said, here is a comprehensive list of all freebies. According to the information supplie, you will get the prize link with that batch after completing a specified number of Challenges. The Lagoon Escape (Loading Screen) appears to be the final freebie that you will be able to obtain.

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