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Where to Find Dave the Diver Limestone Cave Location


Dave the Diver Limestone Cave Location: You must visit The Limestone Cave to complete Dave the Diver’s main tale. This cave is an essential part of the experience, whether you’re seeking for jellyfish or learning more about the Sea People civilisation. However, due to the many Blue Hole types and branching passageways, reaching this place may be difficult. If you want to learn more, keep reading to see where to find the Limestone Cave in Dave the Diver.

Where to Find Dave the Diver Limestone Cave Location
Where to Find Dave the Diver Limestone Cave Location

Dave the Diver Limestone Cave Location

As you explore several Blue Hole iterations, the precise position of the Limestone Cave will change on your map. It is often in the middle of the map, between 60 and 80 metres deep. Before attempting to swim through this, upgrade your diving gear on iDiver!

The walls of Limestone Cave include tiny white and brown spikes that you may see when you go closer. Violent ocean currents will drag you towards the spikes as soon as you reach the cave. So be cautious where you swim because they restrict your oxygen supply!

In the two pictures that follow, you can see two instances of limestone caverns that I found while exploring. I swam down to investigate as it was in the exact centre of the original map. I proceeded along the middle, turning to the right to enter the cavern, even though the second was a little to the side. I found both at a 64-foot depth.

Soon after, while finishing a critical plot operation, I discovered the Limestone Cave again at a depth of 74 metres. To avoid spoilers, I won’t publish the image, but you should expect to see it several times in the centre of the map, at roughly this depth.

Where to Find Dave the Diver Limestone Cave Location

You should visit this cave as part of your Dave the Diver adventure for several reasons. One reason is that it is home to aquatic critters such as White Spotted Jellyfish and Sea Grapes, which you must collect for the main goal.

Because this area connects the Depths and Limestone Cave in many Blue Hole incarnations, you’ll use it frequently to reach it later in the tale.

Dave the Diver is a PC game available through Steam. If you want to learn more about fishing in video games, you can either browse our ever-growing material collection by clicking the Dave the Diver category down below or look up where the fishing rod is in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

More About Dave the Diver Limestone Cave Location

One of the most challenging challenges when visiting Limestone Caves is the underwater currents that pull Dave away. They could hinder the hero’s ability to acquire riches and catch fish as well as drive him into spikes and hurt him.

Fortunately, underwater currents alternate on and off at predictable intervals. Utilise the opportunity to move to the following safe location. The campaign’s Chapters 1 and 2 have a variety of missions that are related to visiting Limestone Caves.

You must gather three drone parts in the cave to complete the Where the Currents Flow task. For a more thorough description of this quest, go to the website created specifically for it.

Gourmet Vincent’s Challenge is a side objective that may be completed in the restaurant and is the second related assignment. It needs a live White Spotted Jellyfish to be captured. If Bancho is asked where to get white jellyfish, he will respond with Limestone Cave. You’ll need a Hush Dart (sleeping dart) or a Small Net Gun (net) to catch White Spotted Jellyfish. On a different page (How to Use Net Gun and Hush Dart? ), we go into great depth about these two non-lethal weapons.

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