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How to Fix LOL Find Match Button Not Working


Fix LOL Find Match Button Not Working: Can’t find a League of Legends match? Although this is a difficult problem, there are some ways you may attempt. In this post, we’ll look at the reasons and solutions for the League of Legends locate match button not functioning issue.

How to Fix LOL Find Match Button Not Working
How to Fix LOL Find Match Button Not Working

LOL Find Match Button Not Working

Players frequently have issues with League of Legends’ matching system, which is a popular multiplayer online battle arena game. If you believe it takes too long to find a match, it could be annoying and hurt your enjoyment of the game. with this post, we’ll go over various troubleshooting techniques to assist you with resolving League of Legends find match technical issues.

How to Fix LOL Find Match Button Not Working

Waiting for the server to come back up may be able to fix the problem if Riot Games is performing server maintenance or if there is a problem that momentarily interferes with matchmaking. Before starting any troubleshooting procedures, check the status of the official Riot Games server.

Verify that the most recent updates are installed on your gaming client.

  1. To remove the League of Legends shortcut your taskbar, right-click it To start the.
  2. updating process, go to the following URL and click lol.launcher.
  3. Right-click the launcher and choose to execute it as an administrator.
  • Open the app, then the LIBRARY option.
  • Select by right-clicking the League of Legends you wish to play.
  • Select the UPDATE tab.
  • Choose Under AUTOMATIC UPDATES, choose the option to regularly update this game.

Update Graphics Card

Because they are necessary for optimal performance in games like League of Legends and out-of-date graphics drivers may create compatibility and matchmaking issues, updating graphics drivers may be a solution to the League of Legends locate match issue. Observe the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Network drivers facilitate connection between your computer and the internet, which includes online games like League of Legends. Outdated network drivers may be the source of network difficulties such as sluggish match times.

Verify Game Files

Check the game files for corruption or missing data using the League of Legends client. This may assist you in resolving any installation difficulties that are hindering matchmaking and, as a result, your League of Legends find match issue. See our website for additional information on verifying game files on Steam.

When the verification procedure is finished, the client will provide you the results. If any problems are discovered, the client will attempt to repair or replace the afflicted files.

A few people suggested changing the network settings to fix any unforeseen network connection problems. This technique will erase all VPN and antivirus settings, stored login data, and network configuration data. For more information on why it takes so long to find a match, check our post on How to Reset Network Settings on Windows 10.

Reinstall League of Legends

You might want to think about reinstalling League of Legends if none of the aforementioned solutions work. Any installation-related problems that could be impeding the matchmaking procedure can be fixed with this. Before reinstalling, don’t forget to backup your game settings and files.

  • Start by pressing Windows, entering “apps and features,” and then choosing Open.
  • Move the cursor to League of Legends below. Select Uninstall next.
  • If prompted once again, choose Uninstall.
  • Select Done to finish.
  • Press the Windows key, then type “%localappdata%,” and finally press “Open.”
  • Click Riot Games twice to open the folder.
  • After that, choose Delete by performing a right-click on the Install League of Legends euw folder.
  • Hit the Windows key, enter the string %appdata%, and then hit OK.
  • Remove the League of Legends folder in the same manner as before.
  • Restart the computer right away.
  • Next, click “PLAY FOR FREE” on the official League of Legends download page.
  • Click START after providing your email address.
  • After entering your birth date, click the NEXT button.
  • At last, press NEXT.
  • At this point, select DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS.
  • Double-click the downloaded installation file to start the game and install it.
  • Select Install from the box that displays.

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