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How to Get Whetstone Encounter Destiny 2


Whetstone Encounter Destiny 2: Season of the Deep has given Destiny 2 players access to a new Exotic weapon. Wicked Implement, the most current Exotic weapon, is a Scout Rifle with a lot of strength courtesy to Xivu Arath. To get the new Destiny 2 Exotic, players must first complete a time-consuming quest, followed by a difficult and planned assignment. If players wish to complete the Wicked Implement Quest, they must equip themselves and be prepared to fish.

How to Get Whetstone Encounter Destiny 2
How to Get Whetstone Encounter Destiny 2

Whetstone Encounter Destiny 2

For Destiny 2 players, exotic missions are nothing new, but this particular one is one of the hardest. Before Season of the Deep finishes in August, players must move swiftly if they want to earn this Exotic Scout Rifle. Here’s how to get a Wicked Implement in Destiny 2, which will help players survive Season 21’s perils in Titan’s Methane Sea.

Every season of Bungie’s space shooter features a new Exotic that is unlocked through a quest, and Season of the Deep is no exception. In Destiny 2, Exotics have the highest level of rarity for both armour and weapons, and Guardians will do whatever it takes to obtain them. Fortunately, we have all the knowledge you’ll need to buy Wicked Implement to complete the optimal build, whether you’re a Warlock, Hunter, or crayon-eating Titan.

How to Get Whetstone Encounter Destiny 2

The Throne World’s Fishing

The first task of the quest requires that the players travel to Savathun’s Throne World. Players must put down their weapons and start fishing in the Miasma Fish Pond in order to reach a hidden objective that will allow them to leave the Scorn and Lucent Hive and successfully catch the Whispering Mothcarp fish.

To go through the phases of this covert Destiny 2 Exotic quest, players must first get the Whispering Mothcarp, one of the game’s exotic fish. Because the capture rate for exotic fish is entirely RNG-based, some players might have to wait a while, but it is crucial that players persevere and keep trying.

The only true fishing trick in Destiny 2 is persistence. Players may, however, somewhat alter the Fish Pond’s RNG by delaying picking up the fish they capture. In order to maximise the benefits of Focused Fishing upon collecting all of their fish from the previous Fish Pond, players should let their stacks of Legendary and Exotic fish accumulate until the next Fish Pond arises. The likelihood of landing legendary and exotic fish increases for each bar filled with focused fishing.

In Nessus Fishing.

Players should sail their ships to Nessus and disregard Failsafe for this one. Send Sparrow to The Cistern, which is close to the Pools of Luminance, after the players arrive in Nessus. Gamers should put down their Vex-killing trigger fingers after locating the Fish Pond and instead go fishing in the radiolarian ponds, often known as “Vex Milk.”

The “Vex Placoderm” exotic fish is what the players are looking for. The players must eat th

is Vex-infused fish in the next action, which sends them back to the H.E.L.M. Players must have patience and have adequate bait on hand because fishing is RNG-based.

The EDZ Fishing

The third and final exotic fish needed by Destiny 2 players to finish the all-new exotic quest for the Wicked Implement exotic weapon is the Aeonian Alpha-Betta. Players must maintain their fishing rod steady for the Aeonian Alpha-Betta in order to access the Fish Pond in the EDZ’s Outskirts.

Keep plenty of bait on hand as catching this rare species now involves waiting. Players can engage Xivu Arath with the third and last fish after restocking their arsenal.

The H.E.L.M.

After catching the Whispering Mothcarp fish, the Vex Placoderm, and the Aeonian Alpha-Betta, the player must put down their fishing rod and make their way to the H.E.L.M. Players can dump their fish in PvPvE’s Gambit-like motes near the Sonar Station, where they can discover their aquarium.

Players will receive a random exotic and the tools they need to fulfil the task after releasing all three exotic fish into the safety deposit box. Whispering Mothcarp, Vex Placoderm, and Aeonian Alpha-Betta are the sources for Broken Blades of Strife, Ambition, and Cunning, respectively. In impending events, these three legendary items will be utilised. All three Broken Blades must be in your possession in order to complete the Wicked Implement Exotic Quest.

Location of Deep Dive Hive Statue

After acquiring Ahsa’s Gift, players should descend into Titan’s Methane Sea and unlock the door to do so. They should go to the Deep Dives activity and discover the first Hive Statue and present the broken blade to light it up with an orange flame. A tiny paragraph will show to indicate that the tale has not yet begun. Xivu Arath will yell, “LET SPILL INTO THE SEAS OF TITAN, UNTIL THE TIDES RETREAT AT MY NAME.”

Players can continue with the mission after clearing the Twilight portion of the Deep Dive and completing the first confrontation in the Methane Sea. The following Hive statue is in the same region as the Twilight mission chamber. To find it, go to Ahsa’s Gift and look to the left. The second Hive Statue is reached via a wired level with a once-locked door. Players can use the Broken Blade of Ambition to light the Hive Statue, and they will get the message “A bladed offering, accepted.” Xivu Arath will declare victory by yelling “THE WHETSTONE AWAITS.” BRING YOUR VIOLENCE AGAINST MY STONES LIKE A WAVE.”

After earning the Blade of Ambition, players must proceed with the Deep Dive action, beginning at 1000 metres in the Methane Sea and working their way below. At 2000 metres, they should follow the air bubbles to prevent sinking. They will uncover the final Hive monument at 2000 Metres, bringing them one step closer to claiming a new Exotic. Players who present the Broken Blade of Cunning will receive a furious response from Xivu Arath, who will say. “BLADED AND SCABBARD PART WAYS!” BRING YOUR VIOLENCE TO MY ALTAR.”

The Midnight Area

At 2750 meters in the Methane Sea, players must complete the Midnight area activity by interacting with two Hive Statues. And holding the interaction button to Carve a Path of Violence. They will then proceed through the Wrathborn Sink area. Where they will face Khull, Executioner Knight. A Taken Knight boss who teleports after hitting the damage threshold. They will then reach The Drowning, a Restricted Zone with the architecture of the Darkness’ Pyramid ships returning. Players must be stocked up on ammo and supers, as. They face the biggest challenge of this new Exotic Quest in Destiny 2: a timed mission.

In The Drowning, players face off against The Taken, who spawn and spawn in a Darkness Zone. They have ten minutes to clear the area. Aiming to stay on top of them and shoot Pyramid structures to open doors. To find and damage the boss, players must kill Omen, Blade of the Black Terrace in the Tirtha Bind area. They must seek “Honed” Taken enemies to get a Deathly Sharp buff to x3. After defeating the boss, players must run through the area and locate the Darkness statue to Claim Power. And receive the Exotic Scout Rifle: Wicked Implement. This powerful Exotic Scout Rifle is Kinetic and Stasis-powered, congratulating players on their job well done.

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