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How to get Dave the Diver Moray Eel


How to get Dave the Diver Moray Eel: Have you attempted to enclose Dave the Diver in a Moray Eel? In order to complete the A Noisy Customer task in Dave the Diver, Moray Eel must serve Moray Eel Curry to Otto. Like many other animals in the well-known underwater management game, finding the rare Moray Eel of the Blue Hole may be challenging and takes substantial campaign advancement.

How to get Dave the Diver Moray Eel
How to get Dave the Diver Moray Eel

We’ll show you how to prepare a Moray curry that will move Otto to tears and obtain Moray Eel from Dave the Diver. To assist the sushi restaurant generate the greatest revenue, hire the best Dave the Diver crew and learn how to catch a seahorse.

How to get Dave the Diver Moray Eel

After catching a Moray Eel, return to the sushi bar, choose Recipe Research, and look up Moray Eel Curry. You’ll also need turmeric, which may be found in cooking pots with other ingredients around the Blue Hole. You also designate staff people to locate spices such as turmeric for you. Moray Eel Curry from your dinner service menu should be served to Otto. The A Noisy Customer mission is now complete, and you may enter the Fish Farm, where you can grow a variety of fish species.

Examine the positive feedback for the surprising indie smash and learn how to get a bug net in Dave the Diver now that you know how to get Moray Eel.

Keep in mind that the eel will begin to attack you; thus, deflect its blows and strike it gently. To move things forward more quickly, you can search the crates for stronger weapons and utilise them.

Once the fish has been captured, go back to the restaurant and use two eels and one turmeric to unlock the Moray Eel Curry in the Research area. You can buy cooking pans if you don’t already have the other ingredients.

Where to Find  Dave the Diver Moray Eel

Using Dave the Diver’s nighttime swimming ability, which can be unlocked by finishing the A Noisy Customer sub-quest, is the only method to catch a Moray Eel. To get a light source for your midnight adventures, those who haven’t seen this assignment yet must complete the Giant Squid-related Duff’s Pink Delivery narrative.

A blue waypoint indicating the general location of the Moray Eel will be shown. While the A Noisy Customer quest is open. By just jumping into the original drop location at night, we found ours.

In the Blue Hole Shallows, Moray Eels lay their eggs between 0 and 50 metres deep in the late afternoon. Once Otto spawns in the restaurant in Chapter 2 of Into the Deep, you can go night diving. You must finish the Duff’s Pink Delivery tasks and eliminate the Giant Squid monster in order to call him.

In the spaces between coral and rock formations near the water’s surface, the moray eel likes to remain submerged. They are a massive, long snake-like creature that is dark grey in colour. Each eel in the A Noisy Customer is marked with a light blue slanted square to make. It easier for you to locate them. Before the eel like you would any other fish, we advise using a gun. Ideally a sniper rifle or sophisticated weapon, to weaken it. Try to dodge them as as you can they do a lot of harm.

If the Moray Eel Curry isn’t on the dinner menu, you won’t be able to finish the job. Then, players may satisfy Otto’s request by taking Bancho’s food and delivering it to him. This gives you a new approach to fish for adventures.

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