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Ragnarok Origin Knight Spear Build


Ragnarok Origin Knight Spear Build: The Knight is a particularly adaptable class because it can tank for groups for bossing and PvP while also doing significant damage for grinding and bossing.

I’ll probably choose the spear skill-based build because I prefer to deliver a tonne of damage with one blow. This build focuses primarily on various damage-dealing talents. There are single target and AoE skills available as well. To keep the Variable Cool Down as low as possible, you should concentrate on physical attack, physical penetration, ultimate damage, and a little bit of vigour.

One of the top RPG games available at the moment is Ragnarok X Next Generation. It’s becoming so addictive because of its wide variety of classes, skills for each class, and then Specializations, which opens up so many options that you could play around with different classes and builds for 100 hours. We have put together a thorough list and description of the many builds you can use for your favourite class just for this purpose.

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ragnarok origin knight spear build
ragnarok origin knight spear build

We will differentiate each build in this tutorial based on its weapon and stats, which are necessary for some talents to shine, as well as their titles and functions. We won’t go over every possible build, but we will offer you enough information to create your own build or just go with the flow, taking key cues from our builds, and having fun while this game is still in its infancy. You can read our other guides, which support the majority of the content in this guide, for additional in-depth information.

Spear Knight Spear Build:

Let’s discuss the Spear Knight build, a Swordsman class specialty. The purpose of this entry-level build is to highlight the capabilities and potency of the spear weapon. Few Swordsman players opt for this Specialty. With this build, your DPS can increase to 7k. Even your AGI-based knight is replaceable if you so want.

We will examine the operation of a spear-type weapon in this construction. ATK and HASTE(Vigor) benefits are applied to the spear-type weapon. The CDR of spear-type weapons is a little bit longer than that of other classes, despite the fact that they inflict a lot of damage. You can get around this by putting points into your haste. You may quickly spam your talents and deal greater DPS when Haste is boosted. Always choose skill CDR above pure DMG if you can because skills deliver far more damage than AA.

Dumping points into DEX will increase your Haste:

As your Haste increases and your CDR decreases as a result of putting more points into DEX, you’ll be able to utilise your abilities more quickly and inflict more damage. For this build, put as many points as you can into DEX. For instance, your CDR will be higher than 20% while you have 800 Vigor/Haste from your DEX.

We advise you to increase until your DEX is 70 and then transfer the remaining points to STR. Only invest in STR when your CDR is high due to cards and gear, as this will allow you to spend more points on STR and deal greater damage. This is due to the fact that STR raises your carrying capacity while also raising your melee PHY ATK.

To help you survive better, Blue Armor provides you with DEF and M.DEF. When you are AFK grinding, it works best. The same is true for boots and Muffler, and it can raise your maximum HP as well. The fact that blue objects give you a larger percentage of refinement despite being more expensive since they require more crafting materials is another reason to purchase them.

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