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Battle Priest Build Ragnarok Origin Guide


Battle Priest Build Ragnarok Origin: In Ragnarok Origin, you must grind to the highest level and pick the strongest spells and buffs to be able to help your squad if you want to stand out. The Acolyte class and High Priest subclass are two of the many classes and roles available in Ragnarok Origin today.

Battle Priest Build Ragnarok Origin Guide
Battle Priest Build Ragnarok Origin Guide

Before we discuss the specifics of the High Priest class, it’s important to bear in mind that, regardless of the class and subclass you choose, you must adhere to your assigned duties to best serve your team. Don’t choose too many damage spells if you end up being a support, and if you become a DPS, don’t choose too many spells that restore life. Keep to your game role and allow the DPS to do the damage, the support team heals and buffs, and the tank takes the brunt of the blow.

Battle Priest Build Ragnarok Origin

A full support build is always the best option for Acolyte High Priest. We’ll walk you through the whole skill tree so you understand exactly what we mean by the tremendously strong benefits you can grant to your allies, especially heals.

When it comes to character characteristics, you should prioritize growing your character’s INT, DEX, and VIT numbers because you will need some HP to live. Many of your spells are inextricably linked to INT, and as INT rises, so does the spell multiplier.

By simply adding certain abilities to your gear in Ragnarok Origin, you may improve your armor, weapons, and other accessories. This is done by gaining talents in the skill tree.

By touching your equipment and selecting “Refine” afterward, you may also enhance it. Elunium must be used as a result.

You will gather a lot of materials during your everyday activities, and you may use these materials to create objects under the “Forge” menu. Additionally, this action will increase your power and stats.

You can use Zeny or Eden Coins to purchase the necessary materials if you need to manufacture a certain item for your construct but can’t find them.

More About Battle Priest Build Ragnarok Origin

A powerful healing spell that you can use on both your own and your friends’ units. Heal (level 10) can be applied to anybody. Your base level, skill level, INT, and any additional healing bonuses you and. Or your healed target may have augmented the total healed. Some Undead creatures can also be harmed by this spell.

Blessing (level 10) improves your companions’ talents. For 10 minutes, the target’s STR, DEX, and INT are all boosted by ten. If you have enough SP, you can use this spell to enhance many teammates at once. If desired, keep them under this buff indefinitely.

Angelus (level 5): This enhancement increases the tank’s capacity to withstand damage. At level 5, Angelus increases allies’ DEF by 70% for 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

Increase Agility (level 5): As its name suggests. This passive spell at level 5 boosts AGI by 12 and offers a 25% MSPD gain.

Shield spell Kyrie Eleison (level 10) protects the sufferer against 10 instances of harm at the maximum level. For a strong tank that has boosted its VIT, this is a great buff. Because the amount of Physical Damage it absorbs is equivalent to 46% of the target’s maximum HP.

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