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Ragnarok Origin Global Valkyrie Feather Guide


Ragnarok Origin Global Valkyrie Feather Guide: Ragnarok Origin, a mobile MMORPG, has announced an intriguing new feature that allows users to increase their character traits by using Valkyrie Feathers. These feathers, which are colour and shaped like cards, may be put into 10 different Valkyrie statues to make various combinations and rewards. An adventurer can use this feature after reaching level 45.

Ragnarok Origin Global Valkyrie Feather Guide
Ragnarok Origin Global Valkyrie Feather Guide

The most powerful Gold Valkyrie feathers, on the other hand, may be easily obtained with Nyan berries, the in-game premium currency, so bears in mind that this feature is mostly aimed at high-spending gamers. However, due to early-game level restrictions, whalers may not be able to fully utilise Valkyrie feathers. However, when paying a high fee, the benefits of these feathers may be lost.

Ragnarok Origin Global Valkyrie Feather

In Ragnarok Origin, there are three sorts of Valkyrie Feather: ATK, DEF, and MIX. Five Valkyrie statues may be equipped with the ATK feather, while the remaining five can be equipped with the DEF feather. The MIX feather may be attached to any Valkyrie statue, independent of ATK or DEF. Furthermore, after a player achieves a particular level, the socket on a Valkyrie feather may be opened.

The three colours of valkyrie feathers are blue, purple, and gold. Blue is the most prevalent colour, although Gold is both the rarest & most potent. With somewhat stronger stats than blue feathers, purple falls somewhere in the middle.

But it’s important to remember that blue and purple Valkyrie feathers also have benefits, particularly for free-to-play gamers, even if they provide fewer extra bonuses than gold feathers. When compared to gold feathers, the lower-tier blue and purple Valkyrie wings are less rare, easier to collect, and have the advantage of being less expensive to promote.

Getting Ragnarok Origin Global Valkyrie Feather

For free-to-play players, the Helheim Disturbance event is the main source of blue and purple Valkyrie feathers. The Guild Adventure task might earn you a gold feather. These feathers can also be obtained in other missions and events, however, they are typically limited in availability.

Diamonds, the free-to-play game’s counterpart to premium currency, may also be used to purchase feathers from the Diamond Shop. The daily headgear consists of two feathers that can only be Blue or Purple. Gold feathers are also accessible, although they are of the lowest grade and are of the Sky or Day variety.

Players that are semi-spenders and semi-F2P can purchase gold Valkyrie feathers at the Nyan Berry Shop if they have a Nyan pass or Weekly Nyan pass. The MIX card is the most potent of these Gold Feathers, which cost 60 Nyan berries apiece.

For big spenders, you may use the Nyan Berry Shop’s 20-daily cap on each Gold feather as an advantage and use it to market the feather.

Ragnarok Origin Feather

It’s critical to understand that the most powerful gold Valkyrie feathers come in six varieties, including Time and Space (ATK), Nature and Divine (DEF), and Light and Dark (MIX). These feathers have different roles in both PvE and PvP settings and may be adjusted during combat.

The Time, Nature, and Light gold feathers may be handy for PvE players. PvP circumstances, on the other hand, are more suited for the Space, Divine, and Dark gold feathers. When participating in boss hunts or GvG/KvM, players can switch between these feathers. Allowing them to modify their tactics according to the situation.

It’s important to keep in mind that players can use any feather. They have on hand to summon Valkyries as long as the stats fit their character class. But in order to fully benefit from Valkyrie feathers, players must match them in exact hue combinations.

By combining Blue and Purple Feathers in the Valkyrie statues, you may increase your stats in the following ways:

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