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Ragnarok Origin Global Best Job For F2P Ultimate Guide


Ragnarok Origin Global best job for F2P: A player may want to be the strongest player when a new game begins. Because of this, the participants in Ragnarok Origin Global Best Job for F2P. You only become a total beginner when you design your own Ranganrok Origin character. No extraordinary skills, no discernible goal, and no priceless tools.

As you continue to advance, you discover that there is a huge variety of schools and job options to choose from. Let’s check out the greatest job in Ragnarok Origin Global through the level guideline to learn more about the evolution of occupations.

Ragnarok Origin Global best job for F2P
Ragnarok Origin Global best job for F2P

Global List: Ragnarok Origin Global best job for F2P

When the game initially launches, a series of quick lessons are presenting to assist you get use to with the gameplay mechanics. These tutorials illustrate how to combat, provide mounts, and customise the appearance of your character.

On the first list of things to complete in Ragnarok Origin, choosing the best job is the last thing on the list.

In Ragnarok Origin, there are two auxiliary job progressions for each of the six main classes. The requirements are as follows:

  • Swordsman, Mage, Acolyte, Thief, Archer, and Merchant basic Level 10 occupations
  • Basic Level 40/Appropriate Choice 40 for a Secondary Job Knight, Priest, Assassin, Blacksmith, Assassin, Hunter, Priest, and Wizard
  • High Wizard, High Priest, Lord Knight, Sniper, Whitesmith, Basic Level 70, Secondary Job Level 40, and Third Job

The article goes on to provide information on the many occupations available in the game, from which players may select the ideal position in Ragnarok Origin Global to enhance their experience as they see fit.


The hunter class in Ragnarok Origins is a strong ranged one. While the archer class excels in solitary play, it may also be utilised well in groups. Your primary areas of concentration for attributes will be AGI and DEX. You may advance by becoming a Hunter and then a Sniper.


Among Ragnarok Origin’s most distinctive classes is the merchant. With this class, you may dramatically raise your trading abilities while also generating some in-game cash. Despite working with capital, merchants are quite powerful. Your primary traits will be your STR, AGI, and DEX. By levelling up, you can advance from being a Blacksmith to being a Whitesmith.


You must treat your friends since the acolyte class is the main healer in Ragnarok Origins. Along with a noble knight, groups will be interested in hiring you. Although they are less helpful for groups, combat priests may still provide decent PVE damage. When it comes to stats, DEX and INT will be your primary priorities. You will advance in level to become a Priest and High Priest.


If you like to stay hidden, thief is the job for you. Your major objective when playing as a thief is to assault your enemies. With the thief, your primary focus should be on STR and AGI. Once you achieve a particular level, you can move to becoming an Assassin and then an Assassin Cross.


Learners can enroll in the relatively simple swordsman course. Your objective is to engage the adversary in melee combat while acting as a tank. Although you serve as the group’s primary defense, you are also capable of doing quite a bit of really awful damage. These will be your stats: STR, AGI, and DEX. Knight or Lord Knight are the highest ranks a swordsman may attain.


Start moving since the magician produces a lot of damage and eliminating enemies is your main responsibility. You need to be careful not getting struck too much since your bones are a little fragile. Additionally, farming benefits greatly from the mage skill. This lesson is for you if you enjoy using casters. According to what you become as a mage, DEX and INT are your main stats both a wizard and elite wizard.


Depending on the player’s gameplay preferences, they can choose the Ragnarok Origin Global Best Job for F2P. As can be seen, there are six distinct character or job kinds available to gamers. The job mechanics that the players choose will determine how well they perform in that position. They are capable of doing fundamental tasks at the highest levels, playing for fun, and taking pleasure in the game’s competitive nature.

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