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Ragnarok Origin Swordsman Build Guide


Ragnarok Origin Swordsman Build: The mobile version of Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Origin, carries over the intricate RPG aspects. Players in Ragnarok Origin strive to quickly establish the greatest build for their character.

Swordsman, Mage, Acolyte, Thief, Archer, and Merchant are the six jobs available in the game. The Swordsman is one of the best jobs out of the six, largely because you can transform it into a fearsome Knight that deals terrible damage. The finest Knight build will be covered in this article, including with information on how to distribute equipment, stats, and more.

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Ragnarok Origin Swordsman Build
Ragnarok Origin Swordsman Build

Another brave hero in Ragnarok Origin has chosen the difficult yet well-liked profession of swordsman. Even novices quickly master this type of character, which is one of the more potent ones. After deciding on your function, you’ll undoubtedly want to know how to best distribute your points and improve your numbers.

Continue reading for some incredibly useful pointers and advice on how to create the strongest possible Ragnarok Origin Swordsman character!

How to Construct a Swordsman in Ragnarok Origin with the Greatest Build:

Once you’ve finished the tutorial and gained a few fundamental adventurer skills, you should be level 10 and prepared to select your class. This is a huge issue, and your choice will mostly depend on your particular preferences for group or solo play (or both!)

You will probably be focusing mostly on team play if you have decided to play the tank-like Swordsman as your initial career, though you can live solo as well. The Swordsman enjoys leading the charge and serving as a solid tank for their team. They are a formidable opponent who defends your squad by absorbing direct hits.

It’s crucial to choose the proper stats while allocating points. For a class like the Swordsman, who wants to be on the front lines, some stats are useless. Although VIT may be handy for the maximum HP boost, we do not advise using the majority of the points on it. INT is primarily for heroes who specialise on magic. A Swordsman should allocate their attribute points to DEX, STR, and AGI instead.

This stat distribution will assist you in creating a powerful Swordsman (base level 10), a Knight (base level 40), a Lord Knight (base level 50), and a Lord Knight (base level 60). (base level 70).

Stats for every Ragnarok Origin character:

You will earn attribute points as you play and level up, which you can then use to boost your stats. Nonetheless, it is advised that you concentrate on bolstering stats particular to your class rather than allocating your points to every attribute on the board. grind for EXP until your Combat Time is up.

As your character would be worn out after hours of grinding, but still able to complete some side quests, this might be done before beginning some of the questing. The Merchant position in Ragnarok Origin is the one you should choose if your ideal job is to increase revenue and strengthen your team’s trading capabilities. With hefty armour and boosts, this character type is strong and practical.

Following a thorough examination of a variety of items, we have determined that the items mentioned below are the best for a Knight build. During routine battles and against bosses, the weapon deals significant damage but the armour takes the brunt of it. Each piece of gear increases your character’s HP and Defense, making them exceedingly hard to kill. For the correct armour for your Knight.

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