How to Craft lvl 50 Equipment Quickly Ragnarok Origin Global

How to Craft lvl 50 Equipment Quickly Ragnarok Origin Global: Ragnarok Origin Global, the official continuation of RO, was published on April 6, 2023 for PC and mobile. The time has come for gamers from all around the world to band together and take part in this big adventure in Midgard. What server do you guys use? Allow us to first explain the whats and hows of the ROO cosmos.

How to Craft lvl 50 Equipment Quickly Ragnarok Origin Global
How to Craft lvl 50 Equipment Quickly Ragnarok Origin Global

You may buy weapons, off-weapons, armor, clothing, cloaks, shoes, and headgear from the weapon store, get them as dungeon drops or make them yourself. The only way to get the accessories is through the monster hunting drop.

How to Craft lvl 50 Equipment Quickly Ragnarok Origin Global

Attribute points are awarded each time you level up and may be used to boost your character’s stats. Your character’s performance in battle is ultimately determined by these numbers. However, not all classes need every stat, and depending on the class or the role you want to play.

You could find that sticking to a maximum of three stats is optimal in some situations. For example, a Swordsman may be constructed as either a tank or a DPS. You merely need to invest the majority of your points in VIT to almost unkillable them in order to attain the former. A Swordsman may, however, develop into a respectable DPS class by investing points in STR, DEX, and AGI.

If you think you made a mistake by early-game stat-leveling the incorrect stats, you may always reset your characteristics with a Reset Stone. You are given three of these items for free early on,

But if you later desire to reset your stats, you must pay for them with catnip. Fortunately, you seldom need to respec most classes; the only time you really need to do this is if you made a mistake or if you wish to trade responsibilities, like in the earlier example of the Swordsman.

To emphasize the importance of statistics, below is a brief overview of the most important effects that each of these factors may have.

Equipment Quickly Ragnarok Origin Global

Tap the character icon in the top-left corner of the screen to increase your character’s stats as soon as possible. The following statistics can be raised:

Your character’s skill tree may be found if you click the “Skills” icon on the main screen. Your strength will increase as your skill levels do. Four skill trees are available, including the following:

On the main screen, tap the “Backpack” icon to see everything you own. To examine the level of any item of equipped gear, tap on it. You’ll have more power as the gear level rises.

It is suggested that you level up your equipment to Level 50 for the best results. Most of your gear is created using blueprints you acquire during dungeon crawls. And the rarity of your gear also influences your power level.

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