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Is Tower Of Fantasy Dead 2023- Complete Study


Is Tower Of Fantasy Dead: The gacha subgenre is currently going through another stage of development. Think of it as growing pains. And imagine that one of the developing pains is a bone splintering through the skin. Those are the Tower of Fantasy.

Is Tower Of Fantasy Dead 2023
Is Tower Of Fantasy Dead 2023

Tower of Fantasy is an utterly abhorrent game that. Right off the bat. blend MMO and gacha in a way that degrades both genres. And to make matters worse. The game is merely one more subpar gacha title that will fill the app stores from where it originated.

There is no personality in Tower of Fantasy. Despite the best of intentions. There are a tonne of people in the character builder that can give you the option to play as 2B. A Hololive idol, or another Genshin Impact character. Even the presets that come with the game have a faint Genshin-like appearance.

The character creation, despite its hollowness, does let you have some fun as you experiment with different scenarios.

Tower Of Fantasy Dead:

Tower of Fantasy takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, but after meeting the cast of stock anime characters, I wished that the show had never reached the “post” part.

The shrill and gloomy attempts to hit just about every Western dubbed anime stereotype you can think of are made up by a horrifying cast of Western voice actors. Because it tries to get to its plot a little too quickly, it’s not even done in an engaging way.

This can be mitigated by switching to voice acting in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. The Chinese voice acting, as with Genshin Impact, is the best of the three.
It also doesn’t help that the artwork and the gacha banner itself completely reveal a crucial plot detail. I expected that the game was going to boost the ante by killing an anime girl in the first 30 to 40 minutes of the game, but there is no tension outside of the little period when the aforementioned character does have their moment.

Tower Of Fantasy:

It chooses to take the safe road instead, leaving you to wade through a maze of in-world language and a mountain of explanations. Fortunately, part of it isn’t voiced.

Is Tower Of Fantasy Dead 2023
Is Tower Of Fantasy Dead 2023

Because it is all flash and no substance, combat in Tower of Fantasy is a massive miss. This seems to be going in the same direction as Genshin Impact, making sure that users of mobile devices who only have access to touch screens don’t feel out of their element.

Genshin, on the other hand, at least includes an idea of strategy, and the characters you choose have an overall impact on the battle.

To make sure you have the right component in your loadout, Tower of Fantasy just requires you to switch between three weapons.

Instead of saying, “I hope I have the right one so I can achieve,” this is more of a statement like, “I hope I have the right one so I don’t have to endure this any longer.”

Due to the inability to switch between load-outs in the middle of a battle, you essentially keep killing different foes until you pass out. In most situations, there isn’t much of a need to plan ahead; instead, you have to force your way through.

Dead Tower Of Fantasy:

The game’s oppressive dependence on the gacha system surrounds everything else. For those unfamiliar, gacha is based on the Japanese card game known as “gachapon.” Consider the tiny machines where you can insert your coin to receive an egg with an inane object. Gacha is what you get when you apply that to obtaining in-game necessities.

I’m a huge fan of the gacha genre and enjoy seeing where it goes. And the twists that other games try to implement.

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