Tower of Fantasy 2.4 Update Release Date and More

Tower of Fantasy 2.4 Update Release Date and More: We can all see in the preview that the 2.4 update will include Tower of Fantasy. If you haven’t already, you need first watch the preview. Nine SSR characters for the upcoming Tower of Fantasy version 2.4 have recently surfaced online.

You may see Fiona from the Tower of Fantasy, one of the characters from the 2.4 release, in this. The upcoming Tower of Fantasy 2.4 update for the open-world animation MMORPG mobile game will feature a number of new character debuts.

The gamers will apparently travel to the previously revealed Innis site, which is depicted in the movie. This is another another fresh character that can be obtained via the gacha system. Recall that the Confounding Labyrinth, the Battle Royale mode, and Lin’s heroine were all included in the most recent version 2.1 of Tower of Fantasy, which was released globally.

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Tower of Fantasy 2.4 Update Release Date and More

Tower of Fantasy 2.4 Release Date:

Tower of Fantasy, an MMORPG, recently released a trailer for its imminent Chinese release. Between December 15 and December 22, the upgrade will be put into effect.

Saki Fuwa is depicted in the banner for the current Tower of Fantasy event, which also includes banners for Saki Fuwa’s Dynamic Mindfulness weapon and Heartwalker matrices. From November 10 through December 2, 2022, it is in effect.

The likelihood possibilities for both Saki Fuwa event banners are the same as for the standard Choice Weapons and Choice Matrices banners. You have a 50% chance of acquiring the Saki Fuwa SSR weapon or matrix from the relevant limited banners, which is an additional restriction.

typical Tower of Fantasy banners:

Eventually, limited Tower of Fantasy replicas will move from the event banner pool to the regular banner pool. According to the Chinese language of the RPG game. By doing this, you can avoid having to wait for banners to appear again if your luck wasn’t good the first time. However, it also means that they will lose the even chance that comes with purchasing a limited number of event banners.

The standard Tower of Fantasy banners are the Choice Weapons and Choice Matrices banners. Choice Weapons refers to the default pool for selecting Tower of Fantasy weapons or replicas.

either by using the black nucleus cache or the gold nucleus cache. On the banner for Choice Weapons, you can write a wish. But the chances of discovering something valuable vary substantially. Although the Tower of Fantasy map contains both black and gold nuclei, you’ll discover that using black nuclei makes it far simpler to produce a full ten-stack Special Order than using gold nuclei.

Given their respective rarities, the gold nucleus cache provides a likely chance of 0.75% whereas the black nucleus cache gives a 0.3% chance of obtaining an SSR weapon. Additionally, after placing 80 Special Orders, using the gold nucleus cache ensures that you will always receive an SSR weapon.


That is all we currently know about the upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners. Take a look at all the Tower of Fantasy 2.4 update has included. Including information on how to get to Artificial Island in the Tower of Fantasy.

Should you be curious about what else the open-world game has to offer. If you haven’t yet reached that level, you must in order to access it. To level up even faster, check out our Tower of Fantasy levelling guide.

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