Tower of Fantasy Origin of War Quick Guide

Tower Of Fantasy Origin of War Quick Guide: With the release of the Tower of Fantasy 2.3 upgrade, a brand-new activity called The Origin of War was added. It adds increasingly challenging endgame content for those who have put in the time and effort to get there. With significant rewards. The farther deeply you go, the more powerful the waves of foes you’ll encounter and the rewards you’ll receive. However, we’ll discuss how to approach it correctly in this article because it’s not simple.

Don’t expect to start playing Origin of War the moment you have access to the overworld; you’ll need to reach level 80 before you can even begin.

Tower of Fantasy Origin of War Quick Guide
Tower of Fantasy Origin of War Quick Guide

Success also does not depend on your level. To even get through the first few stages, you’ll need to be around 50,000 CS, and even then, you must have a potent healer in addition to top-tier DPS.

Origin of War Quick Guide:

You may either enter Origin of War as a pre-made team or be paired with up to three other players. Origin of War is accessed through the Challenge section of the Adventure menu.

We advise going into the activity with a prearranged group due to how difficult it is. Send a message in world chat to check if anyone is available to help if you don’t have anyone to play with. Usually. Someone with the necessary authority and experience is prepared to step forward. Unfortunately. Even the largest whales can only carry so much at the top levels. You will need to perform some lifting on your own.

There are a total of 25 stages. With multiple waves of adversaries to contend with. Phantasia has no effect on enemies. They cannot be stunned. And the start of a new activity wipes any bonuses you may have from a prior one. Your starting level will be automatically adjusted in the event that a player on your team has a high level.

Tower of Fantasy Origin of War:

Similar to Tech from Void Abyss, a new character buff system is introduced in Origin of War. Known as “affixes,” these enduring, programmable enhancements might give you a benefit that eases the difficulty of more challenging levels. The majority of them directly enhance damage, but some also aid in healing, defence, or give you a new team position.

You might obtain an Affix, for instance, that gives a flat 10% bonus to your Frost damage, while another adds an immunity to Volt damage or another that releases an energy burst each time you attack.

Affixes start out weak and are progressively stronger the more you gather and compete at higher levels of difficulty. Six Affixes can be worn at once, however, you can only switch them out between levels and not while the game is being played.

Tower of Fantasy Origin:

Be aware that some Affixes are exclusive to a level and cannot be equipped after you pass it, and that Affixes may conflict depending on how they operate. In the event of a disagreement, you will have to decide which affix you want to employ.

A pile of gold, two different kinds of crafting and upgrade materials, and one piece of Exoskeleton equipment of varying rarity are all awarded for successfully completing each level in Origin of War. Once claimed, these awards are one-time only and cannot be redeemed. However, they do reset at the conclusion of the season, along with any titles you were awarded.

Despite how difficult it is, advancing in Origin of War will show off your abilities and, more importantly, will provide you access to better and better gear that you can simply upgrade.

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