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How to Get Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded


How to Get Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded: In Enshrouded, shroud sacks are a crucial crafting ingredient that may be utilised for many different crafting processes as well as to enhance your flame altar. Shroud Sacks may be found over the globe, however they are all hidden areas that you must enter. Entering the Shroud region close to the Revelwood Spire is the ideal starting point for your search for Shroud Sacks. To defeat the Blue Flowers, use a bow or staff to defeat them that spit shroud poison. Be cautious as the flowers apply damage over time, so avoid being hit by their attacks.

How to Get Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded
How to Get Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded

How to Get Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded

There are blue flower-like things everywhere, especially at Lone Thistle, where you may do The Alchemist’s Mortar quest. Because they are close and attack when they approach close, they might be hard to see from a distance. In order to combat these creatures and survive in the hazardous Shrouded region, your Flame Altar must be at least level three.

The Nomad Highlands and the vicinity of Revelwood Ancient Spire are also home to the blue flower monsters in densely shrouded places. Because of their powerful harm, it’s critical to eat the healthiest meal possible to speed up healing. These animals occasionally go near the boundaries of the Shrouded region, so if you’re lucky, you might be able to defeat one without actually entering the area.

How to Get Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded
How to Get Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded

Another adversary you may defeat for Shroud Sacks is a red, four-legged creature, albeit they are typically more elusive than the blue, flower-like ones. Some of the same places as the animals with blue flowers can also be home to them, such as the Nomad Highlands. I haven’t discovered any yet, however other players have mentioned infrequently discovering Shroud Sacks in chests in very shrouded places. Since treasure within chests is arbitrary, defeating the blue flower monsters is the most reliable way to locate Shroud Sacks.

More About Shroud in Enshrouded

You’ll need Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded in order to explore Revelwood’s northern area. From a distance, these spitters, which like blue flowers in the Shroud, resemble flower buds. They are easily kill and particularly vulnerable to fire damage. Though they are uncommon, they may discover at every Shroud area starting with Revelwood. To locate them, go to the Shroud area southeast of Huckster Square in Pikemead’s Peak and northeast of Revelwood. The simplest route is to quickly reach the Revelwood Ancient Spire. And glide as far east as you can from the summit. Your endurance, stamina-boosting foods, and a Flask of the Fell will all play a role in this.

Use a Shroud Survival Flask to prolong the time you have available. To refresh your timer in the Shroud, hop up rocks if it runs low. Spotters are found in clusters of three to four at a time, with the occasional individual strewn around the region.

Place a Flame Altar close by so you can teleport there anytime you need to because there isn’t any local quick travel.

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