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How to Fix TEKKEN 8 Keeps Crashing Error? 2024


In this Article you will know how you can fix the TEKKEN 8 Keeps Crashing Error very easily. So, if you are encountering crashes while playing the exceptionally expected Tekken 8 can be a baffling experience. Particularly when you’re anxious to plunge into the most recent portion of the dearest establishment. 

 How to Fix TEKKEN 8 Keeps Crashing Error? 2024

However, before you consider reinstalling the game and possibly losing progress, there are a few investigating steps you can take to address the Tekken 8 keeps crashing error.

How to Fix TEKKEN 8 Keeps Crashing Error?

The Tekken 8 keeps crashing error, which makes the game crash, can originate from different factors, with GPU flimsiness being a typical offender. This unsteadiness might emerge from reasons, for example, GPU overclocking or obsolete drivers. 

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to redress the issue and return to appreciating Tekken 8 consistently.

Steps to Fix TEKKEN 8 Keeps Crashing Error! Check Out

1. Update GPU Drivers: A clear yet compelling arrangement is to guarantee that your designs card drivers are exceptional. To do as such, explore to your PC settings by squeezing Windows + I, then, at that point, continue to Refresh and Security, lastly, Check for Updates.

Introducing any suitable updates, including discretionary ones, might possibly determine the crashing issue.

2. Confirm Game Records on Steam: At times, adulterated or missing game records can set off errors. Checking the Trustworthiness of Game Records on Steam can help identify and redownload any tricky documents, restoring the game to its ideal state.

  • Open Steam and explore to the Library tab.
  • Right-click on Tekken 8 and select Properties.
  • Go to the Neighborhood Records tab and tap on Check Uprightness of Game Documents.

 How to Fix TEKKEN 8 Keeps Crashing Error? 2024

What are the Other Ways to Solve TEKKEN 8 Keeps Crashing Error? 

1.Change Illustrations Settings: High video settings can strain your GPU, prompting crashes. Consider bringing down the video settings inside Tekken 8 to mitigate the heap on your design card. Moreover, changing from Full Screen to Borderless mode can diminish GPU stress and possibly alleviate crashing issues.

2.Restore Factory Settings: Overclocked GPUs are inclined to precariousness, which can appear in game accidents. Returning your PC to factory settings can help dispense with overclocking-related issues and restore security to your framework.

3.Reinstall the Game (Last Resort): When in doubt, reinstalling Tekken 8 may be important if all else fails. However, prior to making this stride, guarantee that you’ve depleted any remaining investigating strategies to keep away from pointless information misfortune.


By following these means, you can investigate and determine if the Tekken 8 keeps crashing error. Permitting you to submerge yourself completely in the elating universe of Tekken 8 without interference. 

Embrace the excitement of battle, ace your number one characters, and release your battling ability as you leave on an incredible excursion through the domains of Tekken. 

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