Moon Gatherer Bug in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown! Know how to fix

In this Article you will know how you can fix the Moon Gatherer Bug in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. Good tidings, individual Prince of Persia fans. Bits of hearsay have been coursing through the moving sands that your quest for the Lost Crown could experience an impressive foe looking like the famous Moon Gatherer bug. 

 How to Fix Moon Gatherer Bug in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown?

So, Worry not, bold Prince. This guide is your virtual knife, cutting through the disarray and directing you to an error free Moon Gatherer Bug experience.

How to Fix Moon Gatherer Bug in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown?

The Buggy Glow: The situation often arises in the wake of experiencing the Moon Gatherer, that searing fox-like friend with a propensity for creating and development. Once in a while, during his talk about the cracked moon, the game seizes up, leaving you trapped in a vexing limbo. In any case, dread not, brave adventurer, for there are procedures to break free.

What are the Ways to Solve Moon Gatherer Bug in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

  1. PC Fix: In the event that you are a PC player, the offender has all the earmarks of being an excessively excited outline rate. Prior to starting the discussion with the Moon Gatherer, consider covering your FPS (outlines each second) to 120 or lower. This change may very well be the panacea you look for!
  2. Console Cure: PS5 players need not despair! Basically disengage your regulator, sit tight for the regulator separate message to show, and afterward reconnect it. This quick workaround ought to break the freeze and set you on the right course.
  3. Persistence Potion: Should neither arrangement yield prompt outcomes, don’t surrender to overreact! In some cases, a brief game restart or even a couple of moments of delaying can demonstrate compelling. Keep in mind, a pinch of persistence can work wonders in this error inclined domain.

 How to Fix Moon Gatherer Bug in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown?

Extra Tips to Fix Moon Gatherer Bug in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

  1. Save Scumming Savvy: Before drawing in with the Moon Gatherer, examine making a manual save point. In case of a bug assault, a straightforward reload can be endeavored without forfeiting significant advancement.
  2. Update Up: Guarantee your game is completely refreshed to the most recent fix. Designers often discharge fixes for known bugs, so keeping up to date with updates could demonstrate your salvation.
  3. Report the Glitch: On the off chance that the bug continues in spite of your endeavors, report it to Ubisoft. Outfitting them with definite data assists the most common way of banishing these infuriating errors from the domain.


This bug shows up more pervasive on PC and PS5, however other stages might experience it irregularly. Remain watchful and be prepared to utilize the proposed arrangements and also to fix Moon Gatherer Bug in Prince of Persia.

However, with a bit of tolerance and genius, you will overcome this impediment and resume your moon-gathering mission quickly.

Allow not a minor error to dull your gutsy soul. The Lost Crown anticipates, and inside the sands of old Persia, who can say for sure what fortunes and difficulties lie on pause. Presently, Prince, adventure forward and recover your legitimate domain over this brilliant realm.

Furthermore, be careful of those shrewd Sand Rodents they have a skill for stealing sparkling things, including your advancement and, might I venture to say, your mental soundness.

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