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Star Citizen Free Fly Event January 2024


Star Citizen Free Fly Event January 2024: Unfortunately, there isn’t a Star Citizen Free Fly event going on right now, which is bad news for new and potential gamers.

The free flight that the Star Citizen devs stated will take place from December 13–20, 2023, could, however, be delayed or cancelled if the 3.18.1 release does not meet expectations. Whenever the Free Fly event starts in earnest, we’ll update this page with comprehensive instructions.

If this Free Fly is cancelled, the following one will probably take place in late January 2024 to correspond with the Invictus Launch Week festivities in the game. Check out our instructions on how to create an account and sign up for updates from the development team if you haven’t already if you’re a Star Citizen player.

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Star Citizen Free Fly Event April 2023
Star Citizen Free Fly Event December 2023

A Free Fly is a marketing occasion where everyone can play Star Citizen for nothing. Each Free Fly lasts an average of 7 to 10 days, and they take place a couple times a year. Due to the fact that all participants are allowed to try out a variety of ships during the event, you don’t need a starter pack or starter ship to play. You won’t be able to carry on playing the game after the Free Fly expires unless you have a starter package. Up until a wipe is carrie out, every advancement you make during the Free Fly will be save.

Since Alpha 3.0, this is the biggest content update:

Adding Salvage, Crafts, Boarding, Cargo Updates, Item Persistence, New Missions, New POI, PU Racing (including time trials), New Ships with the Scorpius Antares & Vulture, Tons of Rivers, Outposts, New Ships with the Scorpius Antares & Vulture, and New POI Additional environmental features, such as cliffs and sand tunnels, as well as a tonne more gameplay in and around SPK and Klesher Prison as well as a tonne of QoL improvements 2.1 Jumptown It has improved and grown.

Due to all the new features, XenoThreat and SoO have undergone revisions. At Orison, there are fresh squatter camps and FPS missions. The Gen12 renderer has improvements as well! ALSO! There are now a tonne more ships and vehicles available in-game, allowing you to purchase more items than ever before without using real-world money.

Throughout the month of December, we will discuss each of those specific features and changes. As soon as the Antares is in our possession, you’ll be able to view a Ship Buyers Guide / Tour of it. It will be available for purchase as soon as version 3.18 is operational and is flyable.

During the introduction of 3.18, you should also anticipate a Freefly and a ship Sale. Jumptown 2.1 will probably start up quite soon after live because that was CI’s original intention for the year. Other from ships and vehicles that are beneficial for an event they are hosting, CI normally sells any ships that are brand-new or have had their mechanics modified in a patch.

In Star Citizen 2023, is there a free fly?

The release of 3.18. 1, which is anticipate for January 2024, December be follow by a free flight, according to the Star Citizen devs. To coincide with the in-game Invictus Launch Week events, the next time a Free Fly will be offer is most likely going to be in late January 2024.

In order to give everyone a chance to check it out and get a sense of what the game will be like, Star Citizen will go free-to-play in March with the release of the 3.18 Patch. A tiny ship or hover bike is typically award to users who make an account using a referral coupon and subsequently buy a gaming package for $40 USD or more in conjunction with Free Fly events. I will mention any active referral bonuses here.

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