How to Fix Star Citizen Lobby Error 40014 Step by Step

Star Citizen Lobby Error 40014: Follow the page to understand what Star Citizen issue code 40014 is and how to check the game server status. This post is a comprehensive guide on how to fix Star Citizen error code 40014.

You might be having access problems if you see a 40014 error when trying to access Persistent Universe in Star Citizen. Go back into the ‘Verse, then!

We want to encourage everyone to report the incident on the Issue Council as they should with any errors that our gamers experience. This phase in the troubleshooting process is crucial so that our teams can gather information about the issues and challenges that our players are facing and address the core causes.

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Star Citizen Lobby Error 40014
Star Citizen Lobby Error 40014

For the game, cloud servers, Hub, and other services, CIG use a particular set of ports. For the game, we typically utilise the number 64090. The port range may change on our cloud servers based on problems, access, and other factors. TCP 8000 – 8020 and UDP 64090 – 64110 are some of these ports.

Nevertheless, another game, service, or application may already be using one of those ports (UDP 64090 – 64110) on your router or ISP router. Your computer assumes that this is a Blat assault or a DDoS attack if it is already active. You can speak with your ISP for assistance or check the ports on your router.

What does error 40014 for Star Citizen mean?

If you constantly getting the error code 40014 when trying to enter Star Citizen’s persistent universe, you probably have an access problem. You don’t need to worry, though, since we are here to assist you with returning to the ‘Verse!

Every error and problem that one of our players encounters is taken seriously at Star Citizen, and we work hard to make sure that everyone has a positive gaming experience. We therefore encourage all of our gamers to report any issues they encounter to the Issue Council. By doing this, you will assist our teams in gathering vital information about the issue you’re having, allowing us to deal with its underlying causes.

Hence, kindly take the time to report the problem on the Issue Council if you encounter a 40014 error while attempting to access Star Citizen’s Persistent Universe. We value your input and will use it to make our game better and give all of our players a better experience.

How can error code 40014 in Star Citizen be fixed?

The hub, cloud servers, and other components of the game are all used by CIG, the game creator. While the cloud servers may alternate between the port range, including TCP 8000 – 8020 and UDP 64090 – 64110, the game-specific port used by CIG is 64090. But, it’s conceivable that another game, service.

Programme is already using one of these ports (UDP 64090 – 64110) on your network or the router of your internet service provider. Your computer might interpret such circumstances as a Blat attack or a type of DDoS attack. You can check the ports on your router or ask your ISP for assistance to fix this problem. They can help with port-based application or service identification.

Make sure your Firewall has Star Citizen added as an exception The game’s ability to connect to the RSI servers may be prevented by firewalls. Making the game an exception can assist in ensuring that the required communication ports are open.

Disable/uninstall any packet-shaping or network optimisation software or drivers: These kinds of programmes or drivers can obstruct communication between your device and the RSI servers. These can be disabled or uninstalled to help fix the problem.

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