Star Citizen 3.18.1 Patch Note Rewards and More

Star Citizen 3.18.1: Lasting Legacies has begun to play on the live servers in Star Citizen Alpha 3.18. With the deployment of Persistent Entity Streaming (PES). A key fundamental scalability technology essential for Server Meshing and the whole Star Citizen experience, in this critical release. The project has reached a key turning point. Our community’s critical input during the PTU testing period helped us get this one out the door, so we want to sincerely thank them for their assistance.

We were aware that a live release was required in order to carry out testing at a volume only attainable in a live setting. Since the release, hundreds of thousands of you have visited to view the most recent update. We are aware that many of you are now having difficulties logging in, and that even if you are successful, your gaming may not be what you would like it to be.

Star Citizen 3.18.1
Star Citizen 3.18.1

Free Rewards Star Citizen 3.18.1:

First of all. We would like to express our regret for the turmoil and annoyance that many of you have encountered since release. It is still unacceptable to us that so many of you have been unable to fully enjoy 3.18. Even though we anticipated that there may be some initial launch problems and sought to establish expectations accordingly. Please be aware that every effort is being made to fix any outstanding difficulties and restore order as soon as possible. There is still work to be done. But the appropriate people are working on it despite the fact that we have already witnessed advances in several areas.

While you wait, we’d like to quickly draw your attention to a few key tools you can use:

The Server Status Page
The most recent information on the game’s current state may be found on this page, which serves as your one-stop shop. In particular, if you’re having trouble with connectivity or stability, come back frequently as we’ll keep this page updated.
Problems That Are Known

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Star Citizen 3.18.1 Patch Notes:

The most prevalent concerns that a lot of you are dealing with are highlighted on this Knowledge Base page. It also contains any known fixes or updates for those problems, which is crucial.
Council on Issues
You can probably find reports of the problems you are having on the Issue Council. To contribute or to file your own bug, be sure to visit the page.

We appreciate your understanding and assistance. You can be sure that we are aware of the current problems and are making every effort to have them fixed so that everyone can start playing Alpha 3.18 and taking advantage of the fresh and exciting content it contains, such as the long-awaited debut of Salvage, the Cargo Refactor, new race tracks, locations, and more.

The Whitley’s Guide on the 300 Series, which debuted in Jump Point for subscribers, will be posted by the Narrative team on Tuesday.

Star Citizen 3.18.1 Latest Updates:

We delve further into the modular mission system, which enables missions to be created modularly, on Thursday’s episode of Inside Star Citizen. In the episode, they go into greater detail.

Join us this Friday for Star Citizen Live on Twitch! Later this week, we’ll reveal the attendees and the times. Also, our weekly RSI Newsletter will be emailed to your inbox each week.

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