MLBB Promo Diamond Event 2024 Release Date, Free Rewards and More

MLBB Promo Diamond Event 2024 Release Date, Free Rewards and More: Data miners have discovered a tonne of new events and skins coming to Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) in 2024.

Some of the skins that have been leaked are associated with an event, while others are limited-time skins that can only be purchased for a limited period of time. Events and skins for the leaked MLBB are expected to release in January 2024. These events have not yet been formally announced by Moonton.

Players may anticipate the updated Starlight system, which will include more incentives and a new exchange shop that will offer the previously revealed Starlight exclusive skins, in addition to the leaked events and skins. Moonton has verified the update, which is scheduled to go into effect on February 1st, 2024.

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MLBB Promo Diamond Event 2023 Release Date, Free Rewards and More
MLBB Promo Diamond Event 2024 Release Date, Free Rewards and More

March is almost over, and this month Mobile Legends has seen a number of skins and significant events. Such examples include the ongoing Transformers event and Phase 1 of the All-Star event.

The replacement for the Promo Diamonds Event is the All-Star event. Players should anticipate receiving several awards in the form of skins and in-game effects. We will go through all we currently know about the Mobile Legends leaks from April 2024 in this article.

Event Using the Shadow Knight Leomord Skin for Knights Arriving:

The Shadow Knight Leomord is the upcoming entry in MLBB’s Abyss skin series. The skin can be obtain through a draw event that will start on January 9, 2024, claims data miner Kazuki.

Via the draw event, players can also get The Forseer Esmeralda skin. A mini-event will be held, giving players free tickets to try their luck in the draw event, similar to prior significant skin releases.

Through the next mini-event, which will give away free tokens in exchange for completing tasks, players will have more opportunities to try their luck in The Aspirants draw event. The occasion is schedule to occur on December 31, 2022.

All of the previously release King of Fighters skins might be made accessible through a draw event for a brief period of time, claims Kazuki. It is anticipate that the event will be launch in January 2024.

MLBB 515 Event featuring Rafaela skin:

The 515 event, one of the biggest MLBB tournaments, will also be returning for a brief period of time with a new skin for Rafaela. Also, players have the opportunity to get promo diamonds, which can be use to lower the cost of the majority of skins and other in-game products. On January 6, 2024, the new Collector tier skin Naraka Flame Dyrroth is rumoure to go on sale and be available through a draw event.

The Minotaur “Taurus” Zodiac skin would be offer from April 20 through May 19. Minotaur has a fantastic buff from the previous season. And in the higher-ranked lobbies, gamers started utilising Minotaur. And for practically all associated characters, the Zodiac skins are the greatest ones that are currently available. Because Minotaur is being use so frequently, it is reasonable to assume that many players will want to obtain the skin this time around.

Cyclops will be the anticipated collector skin for April. With the current meta, Cyclops is one of the mages who doesn’t get pick enough. So it’s possible that players will start choosing cyclops more now that they have access to the Collector Skin.

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