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ITZY x MLBB collaboration: In addition to working with the South Korean girl group Itzy, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) will shortly release its new ALLSTAR update. Several events, such as a brand-new map theme, a much-needed Minsitthar redesign, and an MLBB x Itzy cooperation, are being added to the game as part of the All-Star update.

The MLBB ALLSTAR upgrade is explained in detail here. In the ALLSTAR update, there is a recurring theme of a lot of events. Although the recent connection with Transformers is about to come to an end, MLBB is offering fans another significant partnership to keep them interested in the sport.

ITZY x MLBB collaboration
ITZY x MLBB collaboration

Itzy will make an appearance in the game this time; they are now MLBB ambassadors. At the ALLSTAR music festival, the band, which consists of Yuna, Lia, Chaeryeong, Ryuijin, and Yeji, will perform. From April 5 to 20, it will take place. The specifics of this festival haven’t yet been made public by MOONTON, but the information regarding the other events has.

With the help of these events, players have the opportunity to receive four free skins and goods worth 1,999 diamonds. the following happened:
The update also includes the addition of a whole new theme for the map, which is an interesting new feature. A general update to the terrain will accompany the introduction of new bases and turrets for the ALLSTAR theme. From March 22 through May 15, it will be active in the game.

ITZY x MLBB Collaboration New Characters:

The Lord and heroes will also have a glow applied to them on the map, opening the door for some beautiful battles. The famed fighter Minsitthar is receiving a makeover to improve his appearance and skills. While MOONTON is redesigning his first ability and ultimate, he has fully reworked his second ability and passive.

Passive: The new passive promotes solo heroic plays. Now, a hero will receive a stack of Mark of the King from all of his attacks and abilities. When they reach their maximum stacks, the opponent hero will be stunned while also taking damage. A portion of Minsitthar’s HP will also return.

He will push his spear forward and stun the opposition with it as part of his Spear of Glory (Ability 1) ability. All of the foes caught between the hero and the spear’s edge will be drawn back when the spear is pulled back.

ITZY x MLBB Collaboration New Rewards:

When the hero uses his second ability, “Skilled Assault,” the nearby foes will take damage and be slowed. In a “Phalanx” state as a result of this. This reduces the amount of damage Minsitthar receives from the front. His basic attacks also have more power and speed, dealing with AOE damage.

King’s Calling (Ultimate): Minsitthar springs forward when this power is utilised, summoning four Royal Guards all around him. Although immobile, these guardians assault nearby enemy heroes. All foes in the vicinity are also slowed.

For its ongoing ALLSTAR event, which will take place from March 22 through April 30, Mobile Legends (MLBB) has chosen the K-pop girl group Itzy to serve as its global ambassador.

For the first time ever, MLBB will collaborate with South Korean musicians to promote a single campaign. In conjunction with other goodies, four brand-new themed hero skins will be provided as part of the cooperation.

ITZY x MLBB Collaboration New Challenges:

Also, an in-game event called “Purify Harmonia” will highlight the ALLSTAR-themed map “Harmonia” and its associated content.

In addition, a special ALLSTAR music track for in-game listening has been made available for gamers as this is a K-pop collaboration.

As part of the new skins, Miya, Eudora, Rafaela, and Hanabi each have the “Atomic Pop” and “Seraphic Selfie” skins in addition to the “Moonlit Ninja” and “Seraphic Selfie” skins. Players can accomplish tasks to earn Technotes during the Purify Harmonia event.

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