How To Join MLBB Creator Camp- MOBILE LEGENDS

How To Join MLBB Creator Camp- MOBILE LEGENDS: Moonton created a framework called the Mobile Legends Creator Camp to aid content producers for Mobile Legends. Bang Bang in the creation of high-quality material. The finest ML Content Creators, like Akosi Dogie and ChooxTV, are used by the MLBB Creator Camp to give resources, materials, and advice.

Gaining support from the official Mobile Legends social media accounts. Corresponding with and working with other well-known ML content producers. Receiving special member awards, and many more benefits are among the benefits. It’s the ideal chance to network with content producers and build a group of ardent Mobile Legends players. You can join the Mobile Legends Creator Camp by following the instructions listed here.

How To Join MLBB Creator Camp
How To Join MLBB Creator Camp

The Mobile Legends Creator Camp is a group of people dedicated to supporting aspiring content producers by giving them the tools they require. The Mobile Legends Creator Camp will offer you the assistance you require as well as prizes like an original profile border. limited edition skins, and access to the advanced server. So long as you have a creative mind and are eager to learn and develop Mobile Legends content.

Steps To Join MLBB Creator Camp:

In order to join the community. You must meet the following criteria:

Plays Mobile Legends with enthusiasm. Develop a Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram channel. Interested in learning how to create content and having a passion for it.

If you think you possess those traits. Visit the official website. Sign up for the discord server, and fill out this application to get started. You’ll need to conduct your research to find out when the community is accepting new applications because they don’t take applications all the time.

You must accomplish weekly missions and gain incentives after submitting the application form. Every week. You’ll be given a different mission, and your performance on it will be judged by the number of people who watch it. Every creative who submits their work will get 50 diamonds. And if you’re one of the first 100, you’ll get an additional 50. The distinction between “best work” and “good work” is indicated by the number of diamonds awarded to each type of content.


The opportunity to join Moonton as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL), Beta Tester, official endorsement of creative material, and contract operator. And other perks will be available to fast-growing ML content providers.

Players are not the only members of the Mobile Legends. Bang Bang community. In addition to instructional masters and professional players, there are also streamers and cosplayers. The community of Moonton has made a formal commitment to investing resources in these individuals. They have their own Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) Creator Camp where they will carry out this.

If you want to produce content regarding MLBB, it is necessary. Gaming with instructional videos or live-streaming may be all that is involved here. Inviting you into a community of like-minded people from all around the world through memes, comics, cosplay, and other creative works is something MLBB would love to do. Considering enrolling in their Creator Camp is a good idea if this describes you.

Perks of Creator Camp- MOBILE LEGENDS:

There are undoubtedly some incredible advantages to joining this Camp. You can earn diamonds, restricted skins, borders, and advanced server access by releasing fresh content every week. Additionally, the Creator Camp Discord server and the MLBB’s official pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will all of your features and contributions. A monthly diamond salary, an in-game certification for having their profile confirmed, and the additional benefits are possible for excellent content providers.

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