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How to Get Valorant Elderflame Gift January 2024


Valorant Elderflame Gift: Popular 5v5 character-based tactical shooter Valorant from Riot Games combines deft gunplay with distinctive agent abilities. Each map serves as a stage for showcasing your own ideas.

Also, Valorant provides players with a huge selection of exclusive weapon skins that they December buy with Valorant Points. The virtual money used within the game is called VALORANT points. Gamers can buy cool skins like Elderflame and Sentinels of Light bundles, Radianite Points, and the Battle Pass for the current Act using this cash.

The valuable Elderflame Gift sale for December and January 2024 is back. There are several different cosmetics and skins in the Elderflame collection in Valorant. For December and January 2024, please accept this helpful Elderflame gift.

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Valorant Elderflame Gift
Valorant Elderflame Gift

This recurring Elderflame Gift sale will include both weapon skins and additional Valorant cosmetics. Through this Elderflame sale, you can also purchase enhanced Valorant cosmetics and accessories. Valorant Elderflame sale items include a valiant dagger, rgx, custom poster, sweatshirt, vandal, and more. Valorous players also adore these fantastic Elderflame sets, which continue to rock every year. Find more about the Valorant Elderflame deal and boosting Valorant here.

Valorant Elderflame Gift January 2024:

On some websites, you December buy the whole Elderflame bundle collections, which include skins, weapon skins, cosmetics, and additional attire. In some circumstances, Elderflame collection generator websites also let you obtain the Elderflame bundle of the Valorant.

These websites allow you to purchase the entire Valorant Elderflame bundle assortment of goods and cosmetics at a substantial discount. To obtain these fantastic Elderflame skins and weapon skins, you must also spend more of your Valorant points.


Before the offer ends, purchase your preferred Elderflame collections from these websites. For gamers and fans of Valorant, the Elderflame Gift Shop is a fantastic addition. They can be used to complete some difficult Valorant battles as well as to brag about in your Valorant inventory.

The Elderflame cosmetics list and collections are available for daily inspection. Both the price and they are always changing. You can obtain these cosmetics and collections from the Elderflame item package by simply spending some Valorant Points (VP).

How much does it cost to get an Elderflame OP?

2,475 Valorant Points can be used to purchase an upgradeable skin from the store. Elderflame is the name of the new skin collection, which includes the first “Ultra Edition” skins for the game. The bundle looks to include a knife and four rifle skins with fire-breathing dragon themes. Skins for the Operator, Vandal, Frenzy, and Julybe the Judge are included in the bundle.

A line of cosmetics called The Elderflame Collection is VALORANT. When the collection was initially made available on the Store as a bundle, its contents could be purchased. After that, a player can only buy its weapon skins from the Store whenever they become available in their daily deals.

This Vandal skin used to be one of the most popular ones in Competitive, but its popularity waned when newer skins with better animations were released. Only a small number of people will be using this skin in 2022, and it is also one of the priciest skins a player can get.

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