Altitude Skin Bundle Available in Valorant Coming March 29

Altitude Skin Bundle Available in Valorant: The Altitude collection, a brand-new skinline for the game, has been formally unveiled by Valorant.

The bundle is expected to include a wide range of unique weaponry while adopting a somewhat unique approach to cosmetic themes. Every weapon in the Altitude collection is modelled after an aeroplane, choosing to focus on the aviation theme. Valorous Agents are seen seated in a cockpit that is affixed to the top of the guns in Riot’s official image.

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Altitude Skin Bundle Available in Valorant
Altitude Skin Bundle Available in Valorant

Given that no other game has ever created weapon skins in this way, it is a fairly unique concept. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen how the neighbourhood will react to this skinline.

All of Riot’s information that is currently available about the impending Altitude skinline in Valorant will be included in this post.

When is the release date for Valorant’s Altitude collection?

The Altitude skinline will debut on March 29, 2023, according to an official tweet from Riot Games’ Valorant account. The Oni 2.0 collection, which presently controls the in-game store, is anticipated to be replaced by the Altitude package. It will be made accessible after Patch 6.06 is released.

Players will be able to buy the skins along with any other cosmetics featured in the Altitude bundle once the collection is available in the shop.

Five different weapon skins will be included in the Altitude collection, according to the official image released by Riot Games. As knowledgeable players are aware, Riot provides a number of other cosmetic goodies in addition to skins in a bundle. Skin sets frequently include titles, player cards, sprays, gun mates, and gun pals. Players will probably be able to purchase the cosmetics separately once the package hits.

How much will the Altitude package set you back?

Riot Games did not provide any other details about the bundle outside the image of the collection that shows the weaponry. As a result, it is yet unknown how much the collection will cost. Nonetheless, given that the weapon skins have a distinctive aviation appearance that suggests that the weapons are aircraft units, one might anticipate that the skinline will at the very least include modest animations.

The front of these unusual aircraft-weapons also has tiny blades that resemble aeroplanes. At debut, it can be presumed that the Altitude skinline will be included in the Premium tier collection. Also, the post said nothing about any additional skin variations.

Creating distinctive skinlines has always been a creative strength for Valorant. The title has previously released bundles with intriguing concepts that have gradually won over fans. Players may be anticipating Riot Games’ most original skin design yet with the release of Altitude.

Valorant has evolving weapon skins?

Indeed, Valorant has evolving skins, to give a succinct response. They, however, are restricted to specific weapon and skin lines. You must participate in the Battle Pass Challenges and start collecting Radianite Points in order to begin levelling up your skins.

Make sure you’re up to speed before choosing which skins to save up for by reading our comprehensive guide to Radianite skins, which is available right here.

Skins will start to act differently as you level them up, such as adding new animations and noises. It is well worth the struggle to be able to show off how hard you’ve worked. The skin on your weapon gets cooler the higher its level.

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