VALORANT- 0% Update Bug Stuck | Vanguard Patching Issue Fixed Now

VALORANT– 0% Update Bug Stuck | Vanguard Patching Issue Fixed Now: A newly released patch in Valorant won’t download? It seems like every time an update for Riot’s tactical shooter game is released, players notice problems downloading it.

The “update stalled at 0%” fault during a patch update is one of the most often reported problems. Other gamers have also complained about having to struggle with 0.1 kbps internet connection when attempting to download a patch.

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VALORANT- 0% Update Bug Stuck | Vanguard Patching Issue Fixed Now
VALORANT- 0% Update Bug Stuck | Vanguard Patching Issue Fixed Now

Although the aforementioned problem doesn’t display an error code or message, it is nonetheless a bothersome glitch to deal with. The most logical explanation for why the update isn’t downloading is a bad internet connection. Some troubles, however, can be caused by your DNS server, network drivers, or even firewall settings on your computer.

The “update stopped at zero” error in Valorant will be fixed in this post along with more details on the potential causes of the problem.

Potential causes of the Valorant issue “update stopped at zero”:

Patch updates for Valorant are often released by Riot Games. Either new content is included in the updates, or the in-game meta is fixed and improved. No matter what kind, in order to continue playing the game, patches must first be downloaded.

If you’re downloading Valorant for the first time, there may be more to the error than just a poor network connection and a malfunctioning DNS. The firewall on your computer (Window Defender) might be preventing Riot Client from downloading files over the network.

But, seasoned gamers might be able to resolve the issue by by checking their network connection. If your system’s network drivers are out-of-date or damaged, the issue may not be with your internet connection.

How can I resolve Valorant’s “update stuck at zero” error?

Restarting the client and the game is the simplest way to resolve an issue in Valorant. Try rebooting your computer and restarting the client if this doesn’t work. See if the problem is still present.

As previously indicated, a poor internet connection is the primary cause of Valorant update problems. Restarting one’s router and switching to a direct/ethernet connection are two fundamental troubleshooting steps. Try switching to a different network if one is available.

Verify whether other computer programmes or video games function on your network. If not, you should contact your internet service provider right away. Let them take care of any internal problems that might be slowing down your network. Take a look at the list of background-running apps if the aforementioned methods don’t solve the problem.

Your internet bandwidth may be consumed by network-intensive programmes. Certain programmes (third-party antivirus, tracking programmes, malware/adware apps, etc.) have a history of interfering with Riot Client and could be the cause of the update stopping. Using the Task Manager, terminate any unnecessary processes.

Verify whether the firewall on your computer is preventing Riot Client from operating:

The firewall settings are worth checking, even if this is not a frequent cause of the problem. By using the Windows search bar to find it, go to the Firewall & Network Security settings and select the Allow an app via the firewall option. Verify that Riot Client is a permitted app.

If you’re using an antivirus application from a third party, be sure to explore its options and see if Riot Client is permitted under its security.

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