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WWE 2k23 Redeem Code Today January 2024 | Redeem Now


WWE 2k23 Redeem Code Today January 2024: Users of WWE 2K23 can utilize one of four locker codes to obtain unique cards for use in the MyFaction game mode. MyFaction was one of the new game modes added to the WWE 2K series in WWE 2K22.

This mode was unmistakably influenced by Ultimate Team modes from EA Sports games like FIFA and Madden NFL as well as MyTeam in the NBA 2K series. WWE 2K23 players create a faction in MyFaction, combining male and female wrestlers, and attempt to win the match.

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WWE 2k23 Redeem Code
WWE 2k23 Redeem Code

Yet WWE 2K23 compels players to assemble their team using digital trade cards, which is typical of this type of game mode, as opposed to allowing them to freely select from the list of wrestlers that is offered. WWE 2K23 players can obtain some cards for free in-game, but those who want to make the most of the mode will probably need to buy the premium cash.

Even though it’s true that individuals who want to fully engage with MyFaction will most probably need to pay real money for microtransactions, codes are occasionally made available that can exchange for some bonus cards.

While some of these Locker Codes will expire. Users of WWE 2K23 should be sure to use them as soon as possible. These can be redeem in-game in MyFaction. The locker codes AUSTIN316ESB, EVENSTRONGER23, NEWDAYROCKS, and UPUPDOWNDOWN are now available for use with WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 Redeem Codes:

The best course of action is to stay up to speed and take advantage of the incentives as soon as you can, even if some of these promo codes will remain active for a considerable amount of time. New codes will occasionally be release by 2K and WWE, frequently during pay-per-view competitions or other special occasions.

  • AUSTIN316ESB – Steve Austin (Emerald Card)
  • EVENSTRONGER23 – 3,000 MFP and 3 Superstars Series 1 Basic Pack
  • NEWDAYROCKS – Xavier Woods (Emerald Manager)
  • UPUPDOWNDOWN – Tyler Breeze (Emerald Manager)

The most recent WWE 2K23 locker code introduced to commemorate 3/16 day is AUSTIN316ESB. Players receive an Emerald Steve Austin card after redeeming it. Three Superstar Series 1 Basic Pack and 3,000 MFP are given to players by EVENSTRONGER23. For Xavier Woods, NEWDAYROCKS opens the Emerald Manager card. And lastly, Tyler Breeze receives an Emerald Manager card after pressing UPUPDOWNDOWN.

These codes, as indicated before, will ultimately expire. However, as of January 2024, they function in WWE 2K23. Although these locker codes for WWE 2K23 will eventually run out, the good news is that they will be replace with new locker codes as well. WWE 2K23 players should keep an eye out in the coming weeks and months even though it’s unknown exactly how many locker codes will be issue for the game.

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