WWE 2k23 Image Upload- How to Use Face Scan and Uploader Tool

WWE 2k23 Image Upload- How to Use Face Scan and Uploader Tool: The image uploader is a new feature for the recently launched WWE2K game. Using the new tool is explained here.

Similar to NBA 2K’s MyTeam feature, WWE 2K23 players may submit their own own photos into the game. In WWE 2K23, these unique graphics can be added to rooms, outfits, and renders for wrestler featured images. Thanks to the feature’s availability across multiple platforms, PlayStation and Xbox players can also post their photos.

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WWE 2k23 Image Upload- How to Use Face Scan and Upload Tool
WWE 2k23 Image Upload- How to Use Face Scan and Upload Tool

The gadget has a brand-new addition this year that might require the usage of a manual to explain how to utilise it. Having trouble uploading? Let’s go over each step individually.

WWE 2K23 custom image upload instructions:

Visit the dedicated website, wwe2k.com, to contribute a custom image to WWE 2K23. From here, select your platform and log in to your account by clicking the “upload photographs” option. You will be taken directly to the upload page if you correctly complete these steps.

You can submit a variety of image kinds, including several image sizes, a face option, and custom portrait options. Then, select the image you wish to upload by browsing for it in the left-hand menu and clicking it. Simply press or click OK if you receive a notice that reads “could not load image gallery,” and it should still function.

Launch the game if you haven’t previously, then select the “online” menu. Choose “image manager” from the list of user-created applications. Your image ought to be visible in incoming traffic. On an Xbox or PlayStation, press “A” or “X” to download the logo into your locally saved logos. Up to fifty photographs can be upload at once before they must be remov from the website’s repository.

You can submit up to 1,000 photos to WWE 2K. Now that you have your own logo, you may do whatever you want with it. You can add your image to anything using the “custom images” option.

How to use Face Import:

In WWE 2K23, a face scan is offer. Follow the following instructions to use the function, but instead choose “facial photo” from the drop-down menu. Go to “face,” then “face photo capture,” and then choose your face when uploading your face scan. Take a selfie with your phone, then use an app to clip out everything but your face to create your own face scan.

You can upload a square image with a resolution of 128 × 128, 256 x 256, 512 x 512, or 1024 x 1024 using the WWE 2K23 image uploader. The WWE 2K22 image uploader also allows users to upload pictures with banners that are 1024 x 512, 1024 x 256, or 1024 x 128 pixels in size. You should set photos to these proportions to make sure they will display correctly in WWE 2K23.

In Visual Concepts’ most recent wrestling video game, there are numerous creation options. Anyone you might imagine, from movie stars to some of the top AEW stars, can be creat if you have the necessary skills. If you wish to add Spider-Man or CM Punk to your fantasy roster, you must be aware that you must upload your own content to the game.

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