WWE 2k23 Ruthless Aggression Pack- Complete Details

WWE 2k23 Ruthless Aggression Pack: The bonuses for WWE 2K23 Icon Edition have been made public, and they feature a few enigmatic but recognisable characters.

The inclusion of additional characters in WWE video games has become a yearly tradition at this point, with a variety of surprises. The opportunity to play as some of WWE’s biggest stars in a way that many fans have never seen them before is maybe WWE 2K23’s most noteworthy feature.

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WWE 2k23 Ruthless Aggression Pack
WWE 2k23 Ruthless Aggression Pack

John Cena is the cover star for WWE 2K23, like he has been for all previous WWE video games. Moreover, the game will emulate previous WWE 2K games with a Showcase mode, this time focusing on John Cena’s career. Showcase mode has been a strong point for earlier games, working as a highlight reel of sorts tracking the career of the game’s featured wrestler. Cena’s career seems to be in line for the same treatment as Showcase, one of WWE 2K23’s returning game modes.

It only makes natural that John Cena’s history in WWE would be look into given that the game’s focus is on his career. Yet, neither John Cena’s persona as a role model nor his persona as a rapper known as the Doctor of Thuganomics were the foundations of his career. He actually started out in OVW as The Prototype.

The muscular, blonde Prototype was a near-literal wrestling machine who threw opponents around with an accuracy reminiscent of The Terminator. This inclusion is almost as unexpected as Machine Gun Kelly’s playable cameo in WWE 2K22 because this gimmick was never on official WWE TV.

Ruthless Aggression Pack:

Batista is having one of his previous gimmicks featured even though he isn’t the cover hero; this gimmick is even less well-known than the Deacon Batista gimmick he began with. As Leviathan in OVW, Batista elevated his ruthless in-ring style to a whole new level.

The Devil of the Deep tore through his opponents in the ring while wearing a chain around his neck and having fangs in his mouth. Despite the coolness and intimidating nature of the Leviathan gimmick, it was completely absent when Batista made his WWF debut. Yet, in a move that few probably expect, this gimmick that seem to have  forgotten is now a confirm member of WWE 2K23’s roster.

Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton will also get different versions based on their formative days in addition to Leviathan and Prototype. But the inclusion of these characters goes beyond a simple marketing ploy. The four guys made their SmackDown debuts in 2022, and not only did they all win championships.

but they also went on to become some of the company’s most recognisable figures throughout the last two decades. WWE 2K23 makes the appropriate option to depict John Cena and his fellow OVW teammates before they were famous while also include wrestlers that have never even been DLC in WWE games before. Unaire developmental gimmicks haven’t been seen in WWE games before.


One of the most thrilling aspects of the pre-release cycle is learning which surprise characters will appear in each new WWE game. The beginnings of future WWE legends will finally given their due with this year’s installment. The Ruthless Aggression Pack for WWE 2K23 Icon Edition will offer some of the most historically significant extra characters in the franchise.

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