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FM24 Patch Notes Today January 2024


FM24 patch notes Today December: Patch notes for FM24 With today’s release of January 2024, you may enjoy a seamless gaming experience, several significant bug fixes, character customizations, system enhancements, and much more. All of this is happening as the game and update are being maintained and published on December 1st, 2023. There are several problems with the games that are caused by bugs.

The official decided to provide a patch note whereby they corrected all the key flaws, made some character modifications, and enhanced the system because players were unable to play the games properly. You should now have no trouble playing the game. All of the FM24 patch notes for today, January 2024, are available on Official Panda.

FM24 Patch Notes Today December 2023
FM24 Patch Notes Today December 2023

This year, a number of new features will be added to FM24 Touch, allowing all current players to carry over their FM23 Touch careers with the advent of the new Save Game Compatibility feature.

FM24 Patch Notes Today December 2023

Patch notes for Football Manager 24 The following enhancements were made today, January 2024. The whole FM24 patch notes were released to the official forum by Sports Interactive earlier on December 1, 2023. A cursory look indicates what the developers’ primary focus for the FM24 patch has been.

FM24 Patch Notes Bug Fix

  • Defensive players gave up the ball less frequently in and around the box.
  • Modifies the way defenders anticipate the ball as they rush to try to intercept it:
  • Adjustments to defenders’ aerial ball decision-making.
  • Adjusts the defense’s reaction times after they’ve lost focus and erred.
  • Fixed instances when defenders defended in a back three without fullbacks or wingbacks, mistakenly stepping up. Modified certain teams’ level of directness.
  • Decreased the amount of lofty passes that were unrealistic.
  • Players who play with their backs to the goal are less likely to lose the ball.
  • Enhanced decision-making by centre defenders when substituting for other CBs outside the area.
  • Better cornerback defence, especially around the near post.

FM24 Patch Notes Improvements

  • When their side is in possession and/or pushing hard, they have fixed double-AMC formations to make them wider.
  • A back-four with fixed central defenders is broader when constructing from deep.
  • enhanced player decision-making while deciding whether to search for space behind the defenders or drop into space to give passing alternatives.
  • enhanced defender off-ball placement when the group is told to play defence and the custodian receives a pass.
  • Enhanced Inverted Wing-Back alignment to enhance offensive manoeuvres, especially when the ball is on their side.
  • Adjustments to Mezzala’s tendency to stray too far when attempting to advance the ball.

Football Manager 24 Patch Notes

Improved CA growth rates for players in dormant divisions, enhanced attribute distribution, AI club individual training logic, and enhanced AI loan negotiations are just a few of the improvements included to Football Manager 24 .

FM24 Patch Notes Today December 2023
FM24 Patch Notes Today December 2023

The game’s UI/UX has also been improved, resolving issues like touchline tablet auto changes during matches, incorrect game numbers, scatter graphs not displaying in All Visuals dropdowns, transfers appearing twice in Club Vision’s transfer stat panels, Dynamics’ team form being displayed backwards, and users’ inability to access the Earring panel after using Photofit when creating a manager profile. Furthermore, data on the number of stoppages remaining for replacements throughout games has been included.


How do I update my FM 23 winter update?

Android users of FM23 Mobile should automatically receive the game update. By launching the Google Play Store app and touching the profile symbol, you may manually update, though. Select ‘Manage Apps and Device’ after that.

Is FM24 the last FM?

According to him, Football Manager 2024 will be the final game in the Football Manager series and the 20th overall. It’s an ode to the FM series and football in general. After 20 years at the top of the management simulation league, FM24 will mark the end of an era.


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