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Wild Rift Patch Note 4.4b Update Release Date Games Changes


Wild Rift Patch 4.4b Release Date: Another significant upgrade is on its way to Wild Rift. Patch 4.4b is expect to make Significant changes to the Game.

New champions, skins, equipment, balancing Adjustments. More are on the way, as you might Anticipate. Riot has already said that the quantity of releases would be reduced in 2023. This news, however, does not imply that we will receive fewer material during the year. Indeed.

The developers have promised that we would be getting more and better material. Every month, a new champion will be released. Needless to say, Wild Rift has a bright future. So, with that out of the Way. Let’s delve into what we know so far regarding Wild Rift patch 4.4b.

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wild rift patch 4.2 release date
wild rift patch 4.4b release date

Players will be able to download new content with the Playhem Patch. Including new champions, one enemy, skins, and item Upgrades with some quality-of-life (QoL) Enhancements. The patch 4.4b preview was released via the game’s official YouTube channel, with the creators noting that the update intends to please all League of Legends Wild Rift players.

Wild Rift Patch 4.4b – Release Date:

The upcoming Playhem patch will add three new champions, as announced in the last dev update for League of Legends Wild Rift: Ornn, Volibear, and Swain. In addition, a new elemental adversary, the Ice Dragon, awaits players, and defeating it turns the rift snowy.

The Wild Rift patch 4.4b will be available on October 25, 2023. This new patch also marks the start of Ranked Season 10 and Wild Pass Season 13. When patch 4.5 is issued on November 24, this update will come to an end.

Three new champions will be added to Wild Rift in patch 4.4b: Ornn, Swain, and Volibear. Ornn will be a tank champion with the muscle to fit in the baron lane. Volibear will also be a baron lane champion, although he has very high attack damage. Aside from these two, Swain is a champion who excels in the mid-lane.

Patch 4.4b will bring 16 new skins to Wild Rift. There will be new additions to the Shan Hai Scrolls, Ocean Song, and Sentinel skin lines, as well as a variety of other ensembles.

Aside from that, we may anticipate various cosmetics like as emotes, icons, borders, and so on. Immortal Shieldbow and Collector will be introduced to Wild Rift to provide better builds for Marksmen.

If you fall below a specific HP threshold, Immortal Shieldbow will equip you with a damage-absorbing shield. Using Collector, you may gain more gold by executing foes. Phantom Dancer, Manamune, and Essence Reaver’s stats will also be upgraded to make them more viable choices in the current meta.


Volibear, the Relentless Storm, will be the second champion to make his Playhem debut. This bear attacker possesses techniques that deal huge damage to opponents. His passive Relentless Storm grants him increased striking speed while providing additional magic damage to opponents nearby.

Swain, the Noxian Grand General, will be a magician and tactician with a demonic touch. While his first move, Nevermove, immobilises opponents, his second move, Vision of Empire, does extra damage to the crowd-controlled adversary. The magician may also use Demonic Ascension to shift into his demonic form. As a result, he may suck the life of minions, neutral monsters, or opponents’ champions.

Ice Dragon:

The Playhem patch will bring a new elemental adversary, Ice Dragon, in addition to the champions. Slaying this dragon gives ability haste, which is a useful goal for spell-singing champions. If the champions kill the dragon first, the rift freezes, turning the jungle and river ice and increasing their movement speed.

Furthermore, a Frozen Fruit will appear in the wild, and striking it will freeze the adversary inside its blast range. The fruit’s explosion, like Zhonya’s Hourglass, renders opponents untargetable and invulnerable for a brief time.

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