Path to Nowhere Ninety Nine Phase 1 and 2

Path to Nowhere Ninety Nine: Trying to assemble the best team you can? To choose the most capable and practical allies, consult our Path to Nowhere tier list. The game is currently available for download and has complete voice acting in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

Path to Nowhere, is the newest gacha game on the market, with a unique plot, fantastic music, and a diverse cast of characters to gather. In order to prevent the apocalypse in the year NF 112, as the head of the MBCC, you must imprison Sinners and make use of their talents. Without your assistance, the pandemic of monster-like humans won’t end.

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Path to Nowhere Ninety Nine
Path to Nowhere Ninety Nine

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Path to Nowhere tier list:

SS Baiyi, Hamel, Langley, Nox, Zoya, Demon, Crache
S Wendy, Kazama, Hella, Hecate, Foggy, Eirene, EMP, Victoria, Ignis, Luvia Ray, Oliver, Ariel, Chameleon, Mr Fox
A Countess Chelsea, Cinnabar, Ninety-Nine, Pacassi, Dolly, Horo, Iron, Sumire, Wolverine
B Che, Pricilla, Oliver, Gekkabijin, Kelvin, Lisa, Macchiato, Joan, Flora, Anne, KK, Demolia, Peggy
C Labyrinth, Tetra, Summer, Roulecca, Pepper
Here is a list of every Sinner that is currently available in the Path to Nowhere. This is a work in progress because the game is so new, but we’ve considered both our own opinions and those of the community.

What kinds of Path to Nowhere characters are there?

There are many distinct classes of Sinners available in Path to Nowhere. There are characters like Ninety-Nine or Dolly who specialise in dealing out a lot of damage, as well as some troops with healing skills and some with extremely quick strikes.

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Units like Wendy are designed specifically to deal with multiple enemies at once. Hamel is a good choice if you need healers, or you could get support units like Anne and Ariel to give buffs. Hecate and Pacassi are two examples of specialist magic users who only deal with magical attacks.

There is a ranged class, which naturally includes EMP as a bow user. Peggy, K.K., and Demolia are under the category of defensive units that act as shields.

Since these types of Sinners don’t have clearly defined categories, you’ll need to read each one’s bio to see what they can do and what kind of squad they would perform best in.

How do I get more characters in Path to Nowhere?

Path to Nowhere is a gacha game that utilizes a pull mechanism with random character unlocks. There is also a pity mechanism at play, so if your luck has been bad lately, you’ll occasionally be assured of a rarer Sinner.

Hit one of the banners in the main menu’s lower left corner to get new characters. Here, you can select whatever banner you want to pull. For instance, Summer has currently increased prices on a banner.

Additionally, warrants can be used to carry out arrests, which give you a new character. These can be obtained as rewards for completing missions or purchased with Hypercubes.

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