Patch Note Update Double Card Drop Rate and New Cards Ragnarok Origin Global

 Patch Note Update Double Card Drop Rate and New Cards Ragnarok Origin Global: Ragnarok Origin Card Drop Rate: Do you play Ragnarok Origin regularly and have concerns about the game’s elusive card drop rate?

You’re not by yourself! In this post, we’ll go over all you need to know about Ragnarok Origin’s card drop rate, including how it works, how to enhance your chances of acquiring gold cards, and much more. Ragnarok Origin‘s card drop rate is extremely low, with a base rate of only 0.1%.

However, some occurrences can raise the basic rate to 0.03%. Monster cards are accessible in the game, and some of them may only be earned by fighting particular monsters. It’s worth noting that the Ragnarok Origin card drop rate has always been 0.01%, and the card event raises it to 0.03%.

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Patch Note Update Double Card Drope Rate and New Cards Ragnarok Origin Global
Patch Note Update Double Card Drope Rate and New Cards Ragnarok Origin Global

Additionally, there is an extra +0.01% for all commodities, including cards, as a result of rolling a zero when determining what treasure drops. As a result, assuming no extra buffs are added, the total card drop rate for the event will be 0.04%. When a monster is defeated, the Ragnarok Origin card drop rate mechanism is triggered at random. Each monster has a unique “drop table” with up to eight things it can drop.

Patch Note Update Double Card Drop Rate:

Crusaders, unlike regular Knights, sworn to serve the divine. No hardship or sorrow will ever be able to deter them, since something so insignificant will just act as a whetstone to strengthen their faith. EXP gained from daily commissions as a Crusader is doubled;
Exclusive benefits for attaining particular Crusader levels; EXP and bonus awards for changing jobs to Crusader; Other adventurers will gain extra Proofs of Union while supporting Crusaders. Crusader Benefits are only available on servers with a Server Level of Lv.70 or above.

Glast Heim was far more rich than Prontera thousands of years ago. But, for unexplained reasons, the city was devastated, and the Grand Sage has sealed it ever since…
The research into the formerly great and fascinating metropolis has never ended. Scholars, researchers, and you, adventurers, are always the first to discover the truth and the perils.Lv.70 or above.

Cards obtained from Undersea Tunnel 4F, Labyrinth Forest 2F, and Labyrinth Forest 3F will be added to Card Wishing at Server Level 75 and higher. (For instance, Sropho Card, Squidgitte Card, and so on.) Cards obtained from Glast Heim will be added to Card Wishing at Server Level 85 and above. (For instance, Alice Card, Raydric Card, Rideword Card, and so on.)

How to Get New Cards?

There is no particular information available on the card drop rate for New cards in Ragnarok Origin. Cards, on the other hand, are uncommon in the game, with a 0.1% drop rate for all cards. It is crucial to remember that the drop rate for objects in the game is controlled by numerous factors, which players may use to boost their chances of receiving gold cards.

In Ragnarok Origin, there are various ways for players to boost their odds of acquiring gold cards. One method is to become a mentor and hunt with students, which will boost the drop rate for cards and other stuff.

Another option is to farm rapidly and efficiently. This is possible if you understand how the Ragnarok Origin card drop rate works and employ suitable farming tactics. Players may also embed cards into their equipment to gain additional bonuses and boost their chances of collecting cards.

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