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State Of Decay 2 Update 35 Patch Notes Complete Details


Enter State Of Decay 2 Update 35 Patch Notes, a game-changer that introduces the concept of “Curveballs” – dynamic, unpredictable events that can dramatically alter the course of your community’s survival. These curveballs are a breath of fresh, albeit perilous, air in the world of zombie-infested mayhem, and they promise to keep players on their toes. This article delves into the latest patch notes for Update 35, exploring the exciting changes it brings to the State Of Decay 2 Update 35 Patch Notes experience.

State Of Decay 2 Update 34 Patch Notes Complete Details

Surviving in a post-apocalyptic world is a test of wit, strategy, and adaptability. The predictable nature of life in a stable society is but a memory, as the wasteland continuously throws curveballs at your community. These events are anything but ordinary; they are random occurrences or responses to your actions that can bring both boons and banes to your survivors. Curveballs introduce up to three different effects, categorised as Major and Minor, which can significantly impact various aspects of the simulation.

State Of Decay 2 Update 35 Patch Notes

Major Effects: These are the headline-grabbers, the game-changers that define an event. Major effects are represented by a star symbol in the effects panel and have a profound impact on your community.

Minor Effects: While not as game-altering as their Major counterparts, Minor effects add spice to the experience and work in tandem with Major effects to create an unpredictable narrative.

Curveballs are not isolated occurrences. They may reappear over time, offering new combinations of effects. It can elevate a Minor effect to a Major one, or vice versa. The variety and unpredictability of Curveballs contribute to the dynamic nature of State of Decay 2’s post-apocalyptic world.

What’s new in the State Of Decay 2 Update 35 Patch Notes

The influence of Curveballs extends far and wide, touching numerous facets of the game. Zombie & Plague Heart Mutations: Zombies are not static entities in the wasteland; they can evolve, adapt, and mutate. Curveballs can introduce new zombie mutations or alter their characteristics, such as damage, speed, and resistances. Infestations may become breeding grounds for these mutations, leading to unpredictable behaviours that challenge your usual strategies. Even Plague Hearts, the ominous centres of infection, may transform over time, for better or worse.

Community & Base Changes: Your community’s well-being is also at the mercy of Curveballs. Effects can influence your survivors’ stamina, morale, proficiencies, and the effectiveness of base facilities. These changes add an extra layer of complexity to managing your community’s survival.

World Events: Curveballs influence various aspects of the wasteland, including looting chances, resource availability, radio actions, and even the arrival of hostile survivors into your town. Each event has the potential to impact your community in unique ways.

Location and Global Curveballs: Some Curveballs are location-specific, occurring only in certain areas on the map. Others are global, affecting your community no matter where you are. The decision to confront or avoid these events is up to you.

Curveballs can introduce multiple effects at once. This section provides an overview, allowing you to see all active effects in one place. Positive modifiers are marked with a green up arrow, negative ones with a red down arrow, and Major effects are denoted by star symbols. To help you keep track of the events leading to a Curveball’s appearance, conversations and observations are recorded in the Notes section. It provides a timeline of who said what on which day, helping you understand the context of the event. 

State Of Decay 2 Update 34 Patch Notes Complete Details

State of Decay 2 Update 35 Curveball

Curveballs don’t last forever; they can either fade out over time or require you to take action to rid the world of their influence. Some may have specific objectives that, when completed, eliminate the event’s effects and allow you to return to a semblance of “normal life” in the apocalypse. Timed Curveballs: Certain events have a predetermined duration and will naturally expire. As time passes, the effects of these events will dissipate, and your community will regain some stability. Objective Curveballs: The most challenging Curveballs demand that you take action. These small objectives require completion to remove the event’s influence, allowing you to restore a sense of normalcy to your community.

The NEW Curveball Menu: This menu provides comprehensive information on all upcoming, active, and expired Curveball events. Upcoming Entries: Before a Curveball’s effects become active, a survivor may alert you to an impending event. These observations serve as your forewarning and are recorded in this section.

Active Entries: When a Curveball takes effect in the game, it shifts from the “Upcoming” category to “Active.” This section records all active events for your reference. Expired Entries: Curveballs have a finite lifespan. When they conclude, whether due to time or objective completion, their effects are removed, and the event entry is moved to the “Expired” section. The central component of the Curveball Menu displays the event, its description, and all active effects. It is your go-to place for tracking the current state of your world.

State Of Decay 2 Update 34 Patch Notes Complete Details


What is the current version of state of decay 2

  • State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition is an improved version of the popular zombie survival game that’s been redesigned as a new experience for first-time players, yet with new content for veteran survivors.

What are the curveballs in state of decay?

  • That’s why we are introducing curveballs. This feature is designed to keep you on your toes by adding random events and world-changing modifiers to the game. It introduces new layers of challenge and unpredictability to keep the wasteland fresh, exciting and dangerous


In this game, State Of Decay 2 Update 35 Patch Notes, these world-changing events come with Major and Minor effects. It influence everything from zombies and Plague Hearts to your community and base. The user interface enhancements, including the Curveball Menu, Notes, and Notifications, make it easier for players to navigate these complex events. As you continue to navigate the treacherous landscape of State Of Decay 2 Update 35 Patch Notes, embracing the unknown becomes not just a necessity but a thrilling part of the adventure. Whether you’re seizing boons or tackling banes, Curveballs promise to keep you on your toes, making every playthrough a unique and unpredictable experience. Welcome to the ever-changing, post-apocalyptic wilderness where survival is not guaranteed, but it’s always an exhilarating adventure.

Curveballs can be location-based, with objectives tied to specific areas. To help you visualise the impact of these events, the in-game map has been updated to highlight affected areas. If you like this Article please visit our website Official Panda for more gaming related articles. We are also available on various other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or X, Pinterest etc. You can follow us and check out the latest gaming related content.

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